7 Worst Signs Of Skin Aging You Shouldn’t Overlook

effects of aging on skin

One thing is for sure– no one can escape aging. It may bring a positive or a negative sign, but each and every one of us will undergo through it somehow.

Nonetheless, no matter what aging will bring you, you should not allow it to get the best of you. Those younger years may be easy to remember but so hard to bring back. Well, as the famous saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure”. So you need to step up and move before the different signs of aging pop up to prevent that beautiful glowing look fades away in your body.

1. Frown Lines

After so many years of fighting your life problems, you’ve probably seen some frown lines starting to develop as the effects of aging on the skin. It can be quite irritating since frown lines can create a sign of gloominess on your face even if you’re happy or relaxed. Thus, as much as possible, avoid stress in your life and smile as much as you can.

2. Fine Lines And Wrinkles

These unwanted lines are the most common effects of aging on the skin. It’s a norm in our society that when you start to have some fine lines and wrinkles in your face, that’s the only time you’ll get a solution but by then, it is already too late for treatments. So as experts suggest, don’t wait for it to develop. Start now by switching to a healthy diet and increase the use of antioxidants to help your body get rid of free radicals. Moreover, use products with retinoids to promote collagen and elastin production which are effective in fighting wrinkles over time.

3. Sunspots

One of the hundred reasons why too much sun exposure is bad for you is because it can give you sun spots that are absolutely unpleasant to the eyes. To prevent your skin from looking so old and UV-damaged, it is recommended that you wear some sunscreen with a high SPF amount. If required, always reapply your sun protection creams to avoid the production of blemishes and appearance of pores in your face. Just think of how bad you might look with sun spots on your face, and you’ll definitely get an instant inspiration and motivation to reduce your unprotected sun exposures.

4. Dullness

It is not unknown to our knowledge that our skin regenerates every once in a while to give birth to new skin cells that are responsible for having a younger look. However, due to the effects of aging on skin, this process of regeneration slows down, leaving you with dull skin. If you feel that it is already starting to happen, head to your dermatologist right away so you can enjoy some glycolic peel or microdermabrasion treatments which can give you a fresher look in no time.

5. Dryness

Collagen and elastin in our skin aren’t just the ones that decrease in amount when we age. Our sweat and oil glands also reduce in number, making our skin dry as we grow old. It is so common that most people mistakenly think of it as a normal phenomenon but in reality, it isn’t. Avoid this situation from happening by investing in moisturizers and increasing your fluid intake to keep your body well hydrated.

6. Sagging Breasts

Well, gravity is making its way to you to let you realize that you’re not getting any younger. And your hormones will not be a big help too. As another year adds up to our lives, our estrogen level begins to fall along with our milk ducts and glands that are starting to shrink, thus, making our breast looks empty. So how can we avoid this? A simple exercise every now and then can prevent loosening your skin in this area. Stop smoking if you can and limit sun exposure as it can reduce collagen production that is necessary for a younger looking glow.

7. Spotted Hands

As we age, the collagen in our body begins to decrease in number resulting in the visibility of veins in our skin. Moreover, aging can also lead to the development of sunspots that are most commonly seen on your hands. Prevent this sign of aging by using a hand cream to keep your skin well hydrated. Choose excellent hand creams that are filled with collagen and elastin to further get the best result in your invested products.

It is true that there are no secrets won’t be discovered when the first sign of aging appears on our body. But we can definitely delay the process. By just adding extra effort in taking care of our body and giving it the attention it needs, you will have your younger years back.