The Advantages Of Using Electronic Faxes In The Modern Business World

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Nowadays, modern technology has made life an awful lot easier. Sending and receiving files in particular, has become faster and a whole lot much more efficient. While not a particularly new innovation (it has been in use for some twenty years now), internet faxing remains the workhouse of many businesses, allowing companies to conveniently manage business documents online. It is a fast and secure method of business communication with several key benefits, which are outlined below:

Cloud-based Storage

Using internet faxing allows you to use cloud-based storage systems to save documents in very large quantities. Important files can be archived and retrieved safely and securely, without the fear of losing data due to hardware malfunction, damage or loss. As files which are stored on cloud-based storage systems can be retrieved from virtually any internet-ready device, it means that important documents can be retrieved from anywhere and at any time.

Receive Faxes on your Phone

With internet faxing, you can easily sign, receive and even send faxes on your phone. All you have to do is take a photo of the document using your android phone and then send it on. In practice, this means that the bad old days of being tied to a stationary wired fax machine are long gone. Modern day online faxing is a much more flexible pursuit.

Electronic Signatures

Having an electronic signature at the end of your document is an important security measure. An online fax document becomes legally binding once it has been signed. All you have to do is drag your signature and place it on the document in the appropriate section (as you would with a regular fax document). Another fantastic advantage associated with using an electronic signature is that your documents cannot easily be tampered with.

Large File Transfers

Sharing large files has now been made a whole lot simpler thanks to the invention of internet faxing. It is now easier than ever to share all sorts of memory consuming file types such as image heavy documentation or particularly lengthy legal records. Sending such large amounts of data doesn’t take very long in this day and age. These file types will only take a few minutes to reach their intended recipients. All you need is your client’s email address and you’re all set to go.

Save Money

Using internet faxing is a great way to send documents cheaply and efficiently as you do not have to spend money on things like ink, toner and paper for printing as information is sent entirely through email. This is a huge advantage, particularly for start-ups, sole traders and SMEs. It is also worth noting that most internet faxing services offer a free trial service which allows users to try before they buy.

In addition to being economically friendly, online faxes are also environmentally friendly as they do not produce any needless waste by-products.
There is no doubt that virtually any business operation can benefit greatly by incorporating internet faxing into their business model. It is especially important if you intend on sending or sharing large batches of files such as invoices, statements, and even purchase orders. Embracing electronic faxing into your business model is a great way to save yourself both time and money.

Muhammad Salman Siddique
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