Going Ballistic With Team Building In Cheshire

There are a multitude of prestigious conference venues in Cheshire, and none more so than Carden Park, where you’ll find a raft of suites fit for the purpose, ample luxury accommodation, two golf courses, a swimming pool, a spa, two restaurants, two bars and an expansive grounds. If you’re looking for hotels in Cheshire to act as a site for your company’s annual get-together, then you’ll find few better.

But to make things even more enticing, the grounds can also play host to a number of team-building exercises that’ll help to break up the event and help to keep your team mentally and physically stimulated. If your team is looking to let off some steam by shooting things (whether those things be fixed targets, or moving co-workers) then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are several shooting-based activities among those on offer. Let’s take a look at some of them!


Paintballing is a classic team activity that demands lots of running around, as well as strategic thinking. It’s also a perfect arena to vent all of those office frustrations on your co-workers! Hosted just a twenty minute drive away, this offsite activity is tried and tested, and guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.Paintballing requires excellent grounds and equipment in order to be both fun and safe – and you can be sure that this experience provides both.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you’d prefer to take aim at objects that aren’t going to shoot back, then why not give clay pigeon shooting a try? You’ll be given instruction on how to develop your aim, how to breathe properly and time your trigger finger squeezes to perfection. This is great for those with a competitive streak, as your scores will be recorded throughout your experience.

Laser Clays

Laser clay offers something a little bit different. You won’t need to content with any of the baggage that goes with a traditional clay pigeon shoot; there won’t be any kickbacks, nor any shore shoulders or ear-splitting bangs. Clay pigeons are fired from a trap as normal, but you’ll be shooting at them with laser-shotguns, with all the bangs being entirely simulated. Your scores will be displayed on an electronic scoreboard, so that you’ll be able to see the state of play between each round. If you’d like, you can even run the shoot as a relay race for a large group – helping to introduce the element of teamwork we’re all looking for.

Target Shooting

Things are a great deal easier when your target isn’t moving – and that’s why stationary-target shootouts remain great fun. This experience provides exactly that – you’ll each have a target to shoot at, and limited ammunition with which to make your mark. You’ll have the choice of using either a full bow-and-arrow combination, or an air rifle. After a little bit of one-to-one tuition from an expert marksman, you’ll be able to compete with one another for that elusive gold medal position. Only the surest aim will emerge victorious!

Spy Academy      

If you don’t want to spend the entirety of your time shooting things, then you might want to give the ‘Spy Academy’ a try. It’s a compilation of a number of different missions, of which shooting is just one. With a combination of cunning, dexterity and (of course) team work, your team is sure to conquer all of the challenges and graduate to become card-carrying secret agents.


Of course, there’s more than one way to shoot something. If you’re more about the engineering that goes into a ranged weapon than the skill in firing it, then you might consider the trebuchet challenge. This sees your group divided into small chunks, each of which will be tasked with building a medieval catapult from the provided materials. At the end of the task, you’ll be required to shoot at a fixed target – and whichever siege engine scores the most hits will be declared the winner!

Boot Camp Assault course  

If you’d rather not shoot anything, but you’d still like to be put through your paces, army style, then you’ll want to consider the boot camp assault course. This inflatable, twenty-six-metre-long monstrosity will demand excellent fitness – and if you’ve got an energetic workforce, it might be just what’s needed to bring out their competitive killer instinct. With the obstacles including a tyre gauntlet and ravine swing, you can be sure that only the most well-rounded physical specimens will emerge victorious.

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