The Concept Of UN 4G Boxes and Their Uses

The Concept Of UN 4G Boxes and Their Uses

When it comes to packaging dangerous goods, you must store and transport them in specialized containers that are manufactured to certain specifications. Packaging of dangerous goods should be done in compliance with the state regulations. This is because any mistake in packaging or another error can lead to a serious disaster.

Actually, packaging dangerous goods is an issue which is significantly different from the packing of normal goods. Packing and shipping regulations for dangerous goods are very strict and you must ensure that these rules and regulations are followed in both word and spirit. Even a minor slip would cause harsh penalties or severe accidents to others and you will certainly be not pleased with the end consequences. A good option for packing dangerous good is UN 4G boxes .

The Concept Of UN 4G Boxes and Their Uses

What is 4G Packaging?

4G is actually a dangerous goods packaging code designator for a cardboard or fiberboard box. This is actually considered as a packaging handling device, which is known as the “outer packaging component” of a combination package, especially utilized to contain inner packaging that contains dangerous goods. The designation 4G is basically used to alert shipping personnel that inside the cardboard containers there is a packaging that contains dangerous goods. The main thing to understand is that a UN 4G is not a box but a package containing only one component of which is a fiberboard box. The fiberboard generally provides the inner packaging with very little protection and its primary use is for ease of handling small bottles, cans, jars etc.

Concept of UN 4G Designated Cardboard Box:

A cardboard box with a UN 4G designation is not actually a real box. It’s actually a package of which the fiberboard box is one component. By affixing the 4G label or markings on the cardboard box the individual doing so is legally declaring that the entire package, not just the cardboard box, meets all of the rules and regulations of the United Nations 4G standard. Similarly, manufacturers of cardboard boxes must not and cannot stamp their boxes with the United Nations 4G designation markings. If they do so, it will be considered as an object of violation of the International Code for Air Transport technical instructions.

So, basically the 4G designation on a cardboard box means that the packaging is a combination packaging that contains an outer packaging that this case is the cardboard box and one or more units of inner packaging such as fragile bottles.

In other words, UN 4G boxes are standard packaging system approved by United Nations which includes inner packages contained within a single outer box. The outer package, on the other hand, bears the United Nation standard packaging code, which remains valid provided that the box is assembled in the same way it was during testing. The exact number of inner packages should be assembled inside the outer package according to the packaging instructions.

UN 4g packaging is something which cannot be delivered by an ordinary cardboard manufacturer. This is why you must go for the professional UN 4G boxes supplier.

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