What Do We Mean by Customized Patch/ Reinforced Plastic Bags

Patch/ reinforced plastic bags also known as patch handles, glue handles, reinforced handles, double handle, strong handle or strengthened handle plastic bags are plastic handle areas attached to bags to reinforce the handle area. They are very useful in ensuring that the bags they are attached to are able to withstand carrying heavy merchandise.

General Description

The plastic patch is attached to the outer area of the bag. This is done using a heat where upon application the plastic is attached to the inside of the bag. This ensures that the punched out handle area of the bag does not tear apart upon lifting of heavy items using the bag. The patch or reinforced plastic bags can be able to carry heavy to medium weights with sufficient amount of ease.

Patch/ Reinforced Bags Available

  • There are bags that have a bottom gusset and others that do not.
  • Gauges weighing 1.75 mil are also available. However, other bags with slightly heavier gauges are also available.
  • The colors available also vary from LDPE white to black, green and yellow. The colors used are highly dependent with what is in stock and what is on order.
  • The bags are also made with a surface that can be easily printed on. The printing charges are dependent on the size and variant of colors being used.

Uses of Patch/ Reinforced Plastic Bags

  • They can be used as packaging bags in gift shops, market trade areas, trade shows and in high end retail areas.
  • Bags that are small in size are also great accessories for which to affix plastic patch handles. The bags can be used in carrying jewelry, perfumes and other appendages.
  • Bags that are larger in size, in the alternative can be used to carry larger items such as sports attire, sports gears and books. They are also popularly used for packaging bought items in retail stores, sports stores, book stores, apparel stores and other types of sales stores.

Advantages of Using Patch/ Reinforced Plastic Bags

  • Used for carrying heavy items. They can carry a maximum load capacity of up to 15 kgs.
  • Reinforced Handle Bags are a good aesthetic feature for plain bags, especially if they have a different color.
  • The material they are made from is eco- friendly as it is 100% recyclable. There are various material options such as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, Recycled oxo-biodegradable material.
  • The film used to make the handle can be made from biodegradable material upon request.
  • The material the bags are made from can be customized through graphic printing, block printing, full surface printing or gloss or matte printing.
  • There are various outlook options such as the side gusset options and the bottom gusset options.
  • The plastic handle has a smooth finish. This ensures that it slips easily over a steel frame or on any handle it is hand from.
  • The plastic bags can either be inbuilt within the plastic or can be protruding plastic versions.

Where to get Patch/ Reinforced Plastic Bags

The patch handle bags or reinforced plastic bags can be purchased from Aalmir Plastics Manufacturing Company upon order. The reinforced plastic handles ensure that the bag is long lasting and effectively carries all your materials.