Employment Verification: A Crucial Check To Prevent Your Company from Frauds

Are you hiring new candidates for different job roles? Is your HR department selecting candidates without verifying their background? Are you pretty sure about the fact that these new hires have submitted the right documents? Or are you completely relying on the details covered on their resume? Well, such kind of questions are very common and businesses need to ponder about when it comes to hiring a new candidate for a specific job role.

Why it is Crucial to Check Candidate’s Records?

Increasing competition across every industry verticals has made it quite difficult for job aspirants to obtain a job opportunity that they have dreamt. It goes without saying that candidates fabricate their resume to enter into an esteemed organisation with wrong intensions. Well, there are multifarious reasons due to which candidates hide their genuine details. For instance, some job aspirants present false records to get a handsome salary package and a top level position, whereas some candidates hide criminal activities by extending their experience in the resume. In addition to this, candidate present false information to hide period of imprisonment. To prevent from nasty consequences of hiring these candidates, companies should conduct a screening test in which they verify and validate information furnished by appearing candidates. Conducting a thorough verification of the data furnished by the employees is helpful in determining whether the candidate is valid or not.

Most of the business haven’t aware about the fact that a fraudulent presence can wreck-havoc their business image. It might come to you as a shock that over the course of last few years, businesses have witnessed a great number of discrepancy and default cases. Well, these scenarios has opened the eyes of many industries and they have started to approach employment verification services to get their data verified.

Here is a quick glance on some of the key features of third party verification services:

Testified previous employment records: It is crucial to check whether the candidate has furnished right documents or not. From various studies and reports, a number of fraudulent cases have come forward. It’s quite easy for bogus candidates to present false records and enter into the organisation with wrongful intention. Therefore, it is always a prudent step to check the previous employment details such as previous work experience, job start and end date, job roles and responsibilities held with previous company, and salary details. In third party verification call centre, experienced data verifiers get in touch with previous organisations wherein candidate has worked. Confirming the furnished information will help you in examining whether the candidate is right or not.

Qualification background check: Growing peer to peer competition is one the leading factors that impel job aspirants to take wrong path and insert forged details into their resume. By outsourcing third party verification services, you can get hold on genuine information about the educational background of the candidate. Experienced team of data verifiers contact schools, colleges or professional institutes wherein the candidate has gained certificates and degrees.

Criminal records check: It is one of the crucial parts of verification procedure that one shouldn’t overlook while hiring a candidate. In third party verification services, experienced data verifiers connect with secret sources to examine the social and criminal background details about a candidate. They follow exhaustive methods to perform full verification and validate candidate information so that your company will hire a legitimate candidate.

Third party verification agencies are authorized to carry out comprehensive examination of the data furnished by employees. Now, you will be sure in selecting the candidate as the details are confirmed by the third party source. Make your screening process more streamlined and prevent your company from frauds by acquiring appropriate employment verification services.