Keys To Your Corporate Website

Keys To Your Corporate Website

There are many Web pages are prepared a day dedicated exclusively to offer their services on the network to any user who needs it, but many of them omit details such as accessibility, simplicity and focus, among others, elements that have to care if what we want is to offer the best and stand out the most direct competition. If we do not get a design that appeals to the user, we will not get to draw your attention but how do you get to the page? Here are a number of keys that you should consider before posting your corporate website.

Assuming the hosting and the domain of our corporate web already have hired, we will create the design of what will be our page. Although in this respect the tastes and needs of each vary, we left a number of basic guidelines that should be maintained, at least on the cover.

On the home page recommend omitting all possible extensive descriptions, it should go only the company logo, images on a banner on our facilities or products and a small introduction about our goals. In addition to a menu buttons that provide access to more detailed service catalog, a contact form and any other section of the company it’s important.

Remember that the most important thing is to provide a clear picture of what we sell, but without cluttering the main page. This will be the virtual showcase of your company, so that the use of striking contrasts and extensive texts will make many interested leave your website before knowing what it is.

On the other hand, social networks like Facebook and Twitter also must show in any position that does not impair the visibility of the user on the home page, to show all our social channels and invite them to join.

If our company is dedicated to selling products, we will have two very interesting options for our website. The first is based on displaying a catalog of purely informational products for the user then contact us or, offer a catalog online shop, which has become one of the most widely used systems today where the user buy directly without any further action.

If otherwise our company was specialized in services, we will enable a section, accessible from the home page that will detail all their benefits, illustrating it with pictures and videos if possible.