Emerging Trends In Mobile App Marketing

Amid the effort to gain a competitive edge and gain visibility in the various app marketing arenas, developers have adopted innovative and strategic app marketing approaches that have resulted in the emergence of certain trends in mobile app marketing.

Emerging Trends In Mobile App Marketing

App Localization

This is a common trend especially for apps developed for use across the globe. Mobile Action recommends that businesses should be able to reach people in various parts of the world in a language they can understand if the app is to leverage optimally on the advantage of numbers offered by a global outreach.

App localization involves localization of ASO tools such as keywords, titles and app description. It also involves localization of language in different parts of the world. This will help your app gain significant mileage and it will emerge in search results for searches done anywhere in the world.

App Monetization

Although there has been a decline in the popularity of paid apps, app owners and developers have innovated alternative ways of making money from their apps. These include premium advertisements and in-app purchases.

Market Research

In an effort to deploy the most effective marketing strategies, most app owners and app developers have resorted to doing a thorough market research on existing products, customer needs and revenue projection.  The findings of such market research come in handy in app development, app search optimization and developing app marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

This is yet another upcoming trend in app marketing. App developers nowadays create a short video that highlights top features of an app and its functionalities. These teaser videos have emerged as an effective method of promoting and marketing apps resulting to increased app downloads and conversion. The ASO Guide recommends that this approach has integrated use of YouTube to market videos of the app.

App Analytics

Analytics measure performance of an existing app for standardization and optimization. This gives insight to traffic to a certain app page, conversion rate, experience app download and feedback on customer information. The information provided by analytics is valuable in optimizing the app for better customer experience and marketing strategy.

App Landing Pages

Besides creating a specific mobile app, developers are creating websites that act as landing pages for the specific app. According to the ASO Guide, the landing page serves the purpose of providing basic information about the app. It is also a great marketing tool for people who search for mobile apps through the various search engines. Often times, these website have a blog and FAQ section that provides a platform for engagement between the app owners and users.


This is one of the most popular trends in mobile app marketing. Adopted at the app development stage, it aims at ensuring that development of the app achieves optimal visibility. A thorough market research should help determine the best ASO strategies.

Social Media Marketing Of Mobile Apps

Social media has proven to be a reliable strategy for app marketing. Mobile Action notes that social media offers a platform for developers and app owners to use various marketing tools to reach their target audience.  For instance, you can use a short video or create a contest to create a buzz about your app.