The Importance Of Focus In Marketing

Today’s marketers have a huge task before them whenever they have a new product or service to bring before the public because of all the demographics they need to analyse. This enables them to focus on the groups that are most likely to want what they are selling and those who, obviously, have the money to make purchases. As a result, each and every ad campaign must be highly focused to appeal to the groups that have been identified. So then, in marketing the operative word is ‘focus.’

Focusing without Focus

It may sound like a rather odd play on words, but that is one of the problems which many marketing specialists encounter. They are in the midst of an intensive advertising campaign and due to the huge amount of time and mental stress, they seem to lose their own focus along the way. It’s like trying to look through someone else’s prescription lenses. Recent research indicates that nootropic supplements such as Modafinil help to improve mental clarity in a non-stimulant formulation. It is possible to buy Modafinil online and unlike harsh drugs like Adderall or Ritalin, there are no known side effects.

The Importance Of Focus In Marketing

Targeting an Audience

Based on the most recent global statistics, ‘the’ group to target would be Millennials as they comprise at least 25% of the population and are the largest group of consumers by age. They may not have the same spending power as the two previous generations, but they are the ones who seem to be more willing to spend! So what do Millennials look for? They are into things that are natural and have meaning. Whatever advertising you do geared towards reaching Millennials needs to be focused on ‘value,’ and ‘health.’ This group will buy organic if it’s priced right and will willingly spend money on a good cause.

Marketing Consumers Like Best

Here the focus is on how to reach them, that is to say, which medium is best to use. One area of focus should be mobile-friendly adverts as Millennials won’t be caught dead without their mobile phones or iPads. Tweeting is perfect as are opt-in text messages. However, Millennials also like that face to face approach because they want to be connected to the product or service they are buying. Even though they are a tech savvy group of consumers, when it comes to buying, they prefer engagement. Direct sales events, for this reason, is the type of marketing these consumers like best.

Bear in mind that being focused when marketing means that you, as a marketer, can’t lose your own focus. Try to get a full night’s sleep, eat healthy by staying away from the crash and burn high sugar diet and if necessary, take supplements to help you maintain your focus. Carefully analyse statistical data so that you are marketing to the demographic group that would be the most likely prospects and then you can target them with a highly focused strategy. It cannot be stressed enough just how important focus is in marketing. So, if you need to remember one key word for today, make that word focus!