The Great Benefits Of SEO Copywriting For Your Website

It goes without saying that writing about a popular topic or writing about the specific benefits of what your web site’s product can offer is likely to attract attention. The biggest problem with writing in a big place like the Internet is there are literally millions of other pages and articles competing with yours for attention.

Attention is really the goal on the web. So how do you get your article to get noticed?

What is SEO?

Ever since the advent of Google’s keyword advertising and the ability to tie search terms and keywords together, businesses have been benefiting from the practice of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is simply the practice of writing in order to attract the attention of a search engine based on certain keywords or keyphrases.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is simply writing about topics of interest to your customers. When a business owner or salesperson asks themselves the question “what are my customers looking for on the Internet right now?” they are taking the first step towards combining the practice of Search Engine Optimization with the practice of writing for a specific audience. If the two are combined properly, you have SEO copywriting.

The Great Benefits Of SEO Copywriting For Your Website

Turning Attention into Sales

Suppose Google is linking to your web site when individuals search for the keywords and keyphrases likely to indicate interest in your product? You have a very powerful means of what is known in the industry as “organic traffic.” These are almost pre-sold customers being sent to your site, knowing what they are going to find and then finding it. If your copywriting is done properly, you’ll have an engine that turns search keywords into attention and attention into sales.

How Can We Be Sure It Works?

The best evidence of the effectiveness of the keyword to attention to sales approach can be measured in Google’s stock price. Google is not an Internet search company. Google is an advertising company. The Adsense and Adwords combination generates multiple billions of dollars in revenue for Google every quarter, and all of those funds are coming from advertisers who are keying their ads to the phrases and words in the search engine likeliest to generate attention, interest and clicks to their web sites.

Pay per click ads are very expensive these days, and the reason is because if you know what you’re doing, advertising on Google works. If you really know what you’re doing, advertising on Google won’t cost you anything except your time.

Keeping Up With the Penguins

Search Optimization is a process, just like everything else on the web. Google’s advice is to simply produce good content and to not worry so much about trying to manipulate the system. Better advice might be to simply write for an audience. Give your readers useful articles and useful information and they’ll come back on their own. This is true of any web site. This is not to say you should abandon SEO. After all, your articles have to be about something. They might as well be about the information your customers seek.

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