4 Methods To Reduce Apparel Returns Online

Instead of taking the approach that apparel returns online are a negative, nightmarish aspect of your business’ day to day operations, there’s a better way. That way involves viewing returns as a necessary component of the buying process and of the customer experience. How you handle this experience will make or break your online store in the long run.

Certainly, one should do everything that they can to reduce online apparel returns, something a whitepaper by TrueShip advises that there are four intrinsic methods by which you can reduce them and better safeguard your bottom line. We’ll pass along of few of those tips in this article to help you improve your profit margins while simultaneously enhancing the customer service model.

Update Product Content

One of the primary reasons why apparel returns online occur in the first place is that the product does not fit right. This comprises a vast majority of online apparel returns. But some simple tweaks to your content that offer better descriptions, size comparisons and adequate designer information can help reduce the rate of returns exponentially.

4 Methods To Reduce Apparel Returns Online

Integrate a Sizing App

Newer and integrated sizing apps are slowly making their way into the mainstream. Various services offer them with reasonable pricing methods. They are a surefire way to cut down on apparel returns online by at least 40 percent or more. Be sure to explore your options with what you can do here.

Provide Size Comparison Charts

The simple addition of size comparison charts to the most commonly returns items in your store can do wonders for reducing the rate of online apparel returns. Make sure they are visual and detailed, but simple to understand. Educate customers on how they can size themselves using a simple tape measure to more easily determine their proper dress size before they buy something from your store.

Add More Visual Data

Sometimes, the simple addition of more visual data is all that’s needed to reduce the rate of returns. So advises a related blog that debunks the most common online apparel return myths. Things like updated pictures, zoom options, videos and shots from numerous angels are often all that’s needed to help customers decide whether or not they really want a product before they checkout and end up later returning that item.