5 Ways To Improve Your Affiliate Website Right Now

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1. Get the Picture

The old adage that a picture speaks a thousand words is never truer than on a web site. But to ensure your online images are effective, they have to be relevant.

Abstract images may look good in a museum or when you are sat in the dentist chair, but when you want to engage your reader and call them to action, the pictures they see have to draw them in and pertain to the task at hand.

2. Keep Your Creativity in Check

While many webmasters want to prove what they can do on each page, a lot don’t stop to think about whether they should do it.

Creative add-ons and embedded widgets make for a glamorous first look, but for the average user a busy site can also be an unhelpful one.

Keep creativity to an appropriate level and ensure your site is clear, easy to understand and simple to follow.

5 Ways To Improve Your Affiliate Website Right Now

3. Get Your Theme Right

One of the key mistakes that even some of the most advanced web designers make is in colour and shading. When it comes to your website, there is one simple rule. If it blends in, people read it, if it stands out they action it.

If you feel your conversion rates are low, maybe your call to action just doesn’t stand out.

Use bright colours to draw the eye. But if everything on your site is bright and bold, then even those colours become white noise.

Take a look at your site right now. If the call to action doesn’t jump straight out at you, how do you expect your customers to find it?

4. Their Content Is Not Your King

So many affiliate marketeers have now been drawn into the trap of using glamorous content units from over excited affiliate networks that they are now drowning under the weight.

So we will throw you a life line.

Stand back and look at your affiliate networks with new eyes. Does the content they are providing work on your site as well as it does on their own?

If the answer is no, then look for new affiliate networks that provide the content you are looking for. And be very particular about the content you use.

5. Keep the Balance

Remember, people have come to your site, not because of the products it can offer, but because of the extra value it can add.

Create a strong balance between product offerings and original text and your site’s success will soar.

Look at each page and ask, what value does this page bring? If you can’t answer the question yourself, no one else will be able to either. And a page that doesn’t add value is no help to anyone.

Affiliate marketing is a very exciting industry to be in. And with the right tools and affiliate networks you can make the most out of your online presence.

So get started right now and you could see improvements before the day is even done.

Harry Price is a freelance writer, who lives on the south coast with his wife and 3 dogs.  Their favourite past time is taking the dogs on long, windy coastal walks.