Samsung Galaxy S7: More Reveal More Excitement

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People know about Samsung market and its device is the most used mobile phone globally. Samsung is surviving and monitoring the earth with its existence. Therefore, we excitedly prefer the Samsung rather than other company’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy S series is so popular its authenticity is something and barely any people cannot stay away from this. Galaxy S4 was the smartphone of 2014 and still going great with its smash hit. S5 was unable to fulfill the choice of customers all because of its drawbacks like no battery life, no specific design and no storage capacity etc.

The release of S6 has created more expectations for Samsung lover. The statistics has pronounced the success of S6. Next, we have same expectations and even more from S7 and I feel that this will increase the consumers of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S7: More Reveal More Excitement

Look at the updates of Galaxy S7.

Specs of Galaxy S7


4GB RAM is not a usual stuff as laptop even do not generally carry such huge capacity what S7 is offering. Galaxy S7 can provide us more after checking Apple what it has on its sleeve in terms of space.


This phone has Exynos processor with the 64 bit. If you see its speed then it has a 3.5 GHz, which is unusual so double your fun and excitement with the fast speed on your phone.


128 GB of internal memory is something I can assure about S7 but this phone can give us more as Galaxy S6 is having 128 GB.

Features of Galaxy S7

I am focusing only those features, which is so far new in the phone.

30 MP Cameras

30 MP Camera is really can turn out to be useless factor for few people. The usability of camera has doubled so that much improved MP is obvious. Spectacular GigaPixel feature will give you amazing shooting experience with its perfect image.


It has Amoled display 4K, 5.5 inch.


5G Network is huge and unexpected connectivity. 4G network you cannot get hold on so 5 G networks will provide users to have convenient browsing without trouble.


Sensor feature is so uncommon for the smartphones. The best thing about this phone is that it can monitor your body temperature and that is accurate.

Waterproof Tech

Water is the big enemy for your device and it can create big trouble in running your phone without lagging. S7 has potential remain safe against dust also. great technology.


Samsung Galaxy S7 price is expected to be $999.

Galaxy S7 is coming in 2016 and ignites your world with such a sparkling device. Until keep yourself excited with its every rumor or reveal. If you do not want to wait for S7, you can buy Galaxy Note 5 release date will be in Oct 2015.