Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: An Amazing Approach

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If you remember the Google Nexus 7 first generation tablet, then you must know it was revolutionary tablet because of its price and the performance and now Samsung is going write the same history with its next Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The price and performance of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 would not only the success factor, but also the installed software and the UI of Samsung, would create a positive factor for the tablet. For example, you would have the new designed Gallery interface. Application Gallery is used to display and play the photos and videos stored on the phone, those stored on NAS drives connected to the network or stored in cloud services like Dropbox, Facebook or Picasa. The Gallery app also lets you edit pictures: rotate, crop, adjust color, apply effects, add stickers, draw pictures and add frame. Application Videos initially displays a view with thumbnail movies stored on the tablet, which are well animated, and you can also access other views as List or Folders. The application is able to play movies stored on other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It also has a Video Editor with colorful effects. The video playback s stored on the tablet is excellent thanks to the power of your processor, which obviously has no problems with HD videos, and its AMOLED screen. Yes, this all would happen with the performance tablet of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: An Amazing Approach

The 4K videos have not been able to play with the default viewer in the previous tablet of Samsung but we could play with BSPlayer software. However, the rate of frames per second is also low, around 14 fps, but in the recent smartphones Samsung has recovered it, so expect it to work better with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

In the recent android tablets of Samsung, Still yet, Samsung has not neglected the specifications of the cameras and has provided the a rear sensor camera 8 MP and LED flash, and a front camera with 2.1 MP sensor in the recent Tab S tablet but this camera configuration would be at lower end in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, you can expect the 3MP front camera and 5 MP rear camera and regarding Led flash, it can be confirmed.

Also, you can observe that the rear camera would not be high-end camera 16MP as carrying the Galaxy S5 or 20MP of the Sony Xperia Z2, but over other tablets. For example the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 there is no flash. And if Samsung would bring the LED flash to the mid range Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 then game would change and it would favour the Samsung as other manufacturers have also avoided the LED flash not in the mid range but also in the higher range.