Samsung Galaxy A5: Metal Unibody Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A series is Samsung’s technology marble as it uses metal in all its housing and thus stands as a definitive step by the Korean company to improve its design as it now uses materials that are considered by all as “Premium”. That is, it evolves into a section where to date it had not. And one of the devices in the series is Samsung Galaxy A5, which was the recent release.

Samsung Galaxy A5 is in the middle of its product range, as there A3 and A), leaving aside the plastic, which has always been questioned in some models of Samsung, especially the manufacturer of highly range. For example, it has some implications as the inability to access the battery and thus cannot change this. For some this will be a disappointment, but it is the “toll” to pay for the use of metal in a much more compact body of only 6.7 millimeters thick.

Incidentally, another good details of Samsung Galaxy A5 is that the screen is kind including Super AMOLED, which is a differential detail compared to other models that fit into the mid-range product that is where to put this model although it is true that provides some details that make you be a small step ahead of other models such as the Motorola Moto G (also its price obviously higher due to the sum of its parts, it must be said).

Samsung Galaxy A5 Metal Unibody Smartphone

There is no doubt that this is the most striking and novel of Samsung Galaxy A5. Aluminum is what makes this Galaxy Alpha design so cool, a model that showed the intentions regarding the use of this material by the Korean company. The case is that the impression of the phone we have experimented is to stand before a device quality and very well finished (if this is the path the future S6, we must say that the success will total in favor of Samsung).

Speaking of the form must be said that this terminal has very flashy finishes. For example, the bevels of the side frames are a success (they are somewhat higher than the surface of the phone itself, which solves problems of scratches to some extent). In addition, the front is very well used, with enough frames fine but not the best.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 keeps tactile control buttons, such as the recent applications and backward and, of course, the typical Home button of the manufacturer (touch is more robust than other models). On the sides are the control buttons for volume and power; very stable and very good to touch. In addition, the trays for SIM and microSD cards are both on the left, a tool to remove them and still needed is seamlessly integrated into the housing.

As we said above if Samsung would put such unibody in the flagship like Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S7 then it will favor the Samsung but there no confirmation when it would be done, would be S6 or it would be done after the Galaxy S7 release date.