IPhone 6 Plus: Flagship Of Apple

With the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S came 4-inch screen, which still left some dissatisfied users, already accustomed to using Android phones near the time at 5 inch screen. But with the last generation solution overcome the problem sets. We have a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.7 inches iPhone 6 Plus.

Yes, Apple has decided to join the trend of larger, ‘phablets’ screens, term that has never liked. But that’s another fight. The Apple seems to be closer to consumer tastes that now seem to know what they want. The iPhone 6 plus besides the increase in size, the big change in this new generation of iPhone is the design based on curves.

The edges are rounded, which at first glance may surprise you, accustomed to the latest models and their straight (except 5C) lines, but it makes sense if you think about how strange it would have been a smartphone of this size with straight edges and planes especially when grabbing. The iPhone 6 Plus, like the iPhone 6 is manufactured in anodized aluminum and curved glass, and both combine perfectly.

This is due to the slight curvature of the glass that protects the screen, as close to the edges of the same part, and is one of the design details of this iPhone 6 Plus we liked most. Moreover, the design of the iPhone 6 Plus is exactly the same as its little brother.

IPhone 6 Plus: Flagship Of Apple

The first thing you notice is the new location of the power button, which moves from its usual place on top of the iPhone to the right side. Normal, considering that with increasing screen size would be quite inconvenient to have to reach out to unlock the terminal. In fact, this iPhone 6 Plus is almost impossible, unless you count hands of basketball player. Keep in mind, though, that is a mandatory resource, as are these bands that separate the antennas of mobile aluminum housing, to avoid problems of coverage, something that was a big problem the first models of iPhone. The camera stands first slightly from the back cover, which from Apple justified as part of the design, but it almost certainly is because they have failed to reduce the thickness of the lenses, as yes they have other brands (Sony, for example).

Being protected with sapphire crystal, Apple ensures that there will be no problem regarding its durability. The fact is that the camera glass remains intact, as new, but will have to check their strength over time. Along with the camera you can find the new Flash True Tone with rounded rather than elongated, plus a microphone for noise cancellation during calls. On the side, the volume buttons are elongated, as they were in the 5C, unlike what had been customary in other models of the brand.

iPhone 6 Plus could be just called a the bigger version of Apple iPhone 6, if Apple wants to stand out in the phablet then it should come with some interesting features may be the next upcoming iOS 9 would expand its functionality. And moreover, Apple is launching next iPad Air 3 very soon.