Working With Huawei Ascend Mate 7: An Amazing Phone

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Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is one of the best Huawei smartphone. It is big size display phone carrying most of the powerful specs that you can expect from a phone.

It comes with a display of 6 inches carrying the full HD resolution, working with the display is pretty comfortable as it gives the good color range and wide viewing angels. Display brightness we can say, enough. Under normal circumstances, a comfortable brightness – a mere 70%, but at full brightness in direct sun image can be seen in more than decent and dark letters on a light background can be read almost without straining. The quality of the display – very good: juicy colors, rich but not “extreme sharp”, the letters are very clear and even the fine print is easy to read.

Resolution FullHD – this thing is right! Another interesting point to the display, which must be prevented, oleophobic coating. But then it turned out that the display is covered with a protective film, which is almost invisible and does not affect the sensitivity. Glass protects it, but collects fingers – very specifically.

Working With Huawei Ascend Mate 7: An Amazing Phone

The software part of Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is pretty flexible as you have private firm shell with applications from Huawei – Emotion UI 3.0 (EMUI 3.0). EMUI characterized by simplicity and even a certain asceticism in the design, and in addition, here, as in the shell Lenovo, do not have separate windows for application icons: icons absolutely all the applications are located on the desktop.

Onscreen controls, are as expected, are at the bottom of the display. This “return”, “home” and “list of the last running tasks.” The first and last buttons can be swapped, and there you can add more and disclosure button in the notification area. Desktop themes and icons can be changed, and then the interface takes on a whole other kind – this is one of those.

The notification area of Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is equipped with a handy timeline that shows when it was received or that notification. Tab “Icons” – fast switches. They can’t be edited, but there is, in principle, has everything you need. By the way, there is a very advanced system power optimization. In the notification area, messages appear periodically appropriate application, you can click on it – and it will be shown running demanding programs. And they respectively will be closed if it is required. The keyboard is very good here; Swype is supported and works very well. Separately, there are no favorites, but in the contact list Followers (marked) are displayed above. And at the top of a search for contacts – it’s convenient.

To working with phone app, there are no complaints: the sound clear, without interference. Noise reduction system works well, improving the quality of conversation at a noisy environment. The phone is overall is pretty decent but if Huawei wants to be in race of big upcoming phones like Galaxy Note 5, then it has to launch something big.