5 Advantages For Kindle Readers

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There are a large number of devices these days that help people read their favourite books and magazines online. While sometimes reading on an electronic device can be straining for the eyes mainly because of the lcd screens of these devices. This problem has been solved with amazon’s latest gadget. Here are a few advantages of this new e-book reader called the kindle.

1. Easy to Carry it Around

The size of this e reader is small and once can easily carry it around. This does not mean that the reading screen is of small size. The six inch screen is very comfortable to use and makes it easy to read the books. The e reader is still small enough that it can be carried around in the back pocket. In fact this also makes the reader very lightweight and one can easily hold it for hours to read the books. This is less tiring than holding a tablet or a hard cover book.

5 Advantages For Kindle Readers

2. The e – ink Technology

This is a patented technology that has been specially developed by Amazon for its e reader. This means that the reading device does not have an LCD or even an LED screen. Rather it is something that is called the pearl e ink. It can be easily read in the dark as well as bright sunlight and feels just like paper to read. This means that the eyes also do not get strained even after long hours of reading. One can also adjust the font size to suit one’s comfort. Pages also turn like a real book.

3. The Memory

The device is an electronic device after all and the memory is one of the major conveniences. This means that the person can carry around over a thousand books which is not possible in the physical form. This also means that the device can enable one to carry a lot of books around without having to worry about losing them or damaging them. The supported file format is such that the books are very low in size and one can easily download them from the internet.

4. Long Battery Life

Traditional tablets drain out of the battery very quickly because they use a high resolution screen mostly LCD or even LED. The e ink technology means that the screen takes up very low battery and the device works for a long time on a single charge. This means that the user can enjoy uninterrupted reading of the favourite books without having to worry about running out of charge.

5. The in Built Dictionary

This is one of the best features of this e reader – the dictionary. If one does not understand a word while reading a book one simply has to select the word (by tapping on it) and then a dictionary will open automatically and the meaning of the word will be displayed. This is extremely useful for kids who are looking to build their vocabularies and even adults who are looking to improve theirs.