Security Devices That Work On Biometric Technology

When it comes to securing any place such as office, home or any other public arena, the two major concerns people face are speed and accuracy of the captured data. For this, many look forward to employing security devices and tools that enhance the overall security of these places. In most cases, this purpose is served with basic level security. However, at times, one needs to adopt advanced level security measures to serve both the purposes mentioned above. This is especially true for places like bank, office, hotels and organizations where entry is restricted to authorized individuals only; especially to prevent possibilities of any destructive activities.

Security Devices That Work On Biometric Technology

Speaking of advanced level of security tools and devices, biometric technology happens to be one the most accurate things to choose. A technology that works on human features such as fingerprints, retina, face, voice, signature and key strokes can be considered sophisticated enough to secure the identification and authentication process. It comes with a scanner and software that examines the captured human features and converts those to digital format. This digital data can be stored in computers for biometric authentication of any person in future. Depending on the kind of identification technique one wishes to implement in their home or office, extra hardware components need to be added. Say, if one chooses fingerprint identification, then a biometric scanner is required, while for face recognition an extra camera is essential to scan the face and synchronize it with the system interface.

Based on biometric technology, there are various applications that cater to a large range of areas and serve different purposes. From time and attendance software to biometric access control, face recognition system to door access control system and visitor management; each have already been implemented in different service areas with this technology. Let us take a look at each in details and analyze how they work with respect to security purposes:

  • Facial Biometrics Help in Maintaining PC Security – Ensuring security of personal computer or laptop and preventing data from getting accessed or stolen by anybody else in the organization, is essential. If one works at a high position in a company who needs to take important decisions related to company’s progress, this becomes imperative. Facial biometric authentication can help one to secure their pc from unauthorized access. This system grants access to only one set of facial features. So, no other person can access the pc and change the stored information. These biometrics systems can also provide details such as who had attempted an access and at what exact time along with an image of the person’s face who has tried to breach security of the pc.
  • Time and Attendance/Visitor Management System – Probably, the most commonly used and utilized security applications that work on biometric technology. Whether it is facial recognition or fingerprint identification, these applications provide accurate tracking of visitors to and employees of an organization. The latter is done mostly with extra facilities that help in calculating the total number of days; an employee was present in a month. Along with this, such systems also maintain the time of the visit and other calculations that contribute to the counting of salary. So, it works also as an advanced, accurate and secure pay roll management system for a company.
  • Securing Sensitive Doors with Biometric Access Controls – Few doors lead to extremely important rooms, say electricity room, a safe or a server room of an organization. Setting up biometric access controls on such specific doors can help you to restrict every unknown entry and protect the organization from any intended damage. Moreover, one can also select any of the features as per their safety criteria to set up an authentication process.

Thus, these are the different service areas that can benefit from usage of security devices and tools based on biometric technology.