Sony Xperia Z4 Best Smartphone Of 2015: Specs & Features

The Xperia Z3 was reveled at IFA 2014 and now Sony is coming up with another speedy release. Those who are hunting for the Smartphone must check out the next flagship of the company. According to the speculation Sony is ditching two launches in the same year, reason is not yet known but it is sad for the Sony fans. But Sony Xperia Z4 has raised the excitement among the consumers. The company officially announced Exmor RS image sensor and it will be arriving next year in 2015

Release Date

The original series was launched in 2013 with Xperia Z and later in March came out Xperia Z2.  The company also announced that it has a desire to beat the release cycle that most of the mobile phone manufacturers have set for their Smartphone launches and instead is going to release its Smartphone on bi-annual; this is the reason why Z3 was launched in the autumn. But it seems that this idea is also abandoned and we think that Xperia Z4 is going to be unveiled in 2015. The release date of Xperia Z4 probably is setting in April. But it is also being rumored that Sony will launch its next flagship in March on World Congress.

Sony Xperia Z4 Best Smartphone Of 2015: Specs & Features

Display of the Smartphone

Some of the popular blogs have started leaking the features and specifications of the upcoming Sony Smartphone. It is rumored that this Smartphone will have Z4 LCD digitizer. Digitizer is a glass sheet that covers the display of the Smartphone and also translates when you presses and swipes into i.e. digital information. This means that the Smartphone tells you how and when you touch your screen. This way we can guess how the device front look is going to look like.

There are pictures on the internet and it looks similar to Xperia Z3. The screen will be 5.5 inch screen but it is difficult to guess by just looking at the pictures. The speaker which is at the top of Z3 is removed to the top right in Z4 from the top center while the proximity and camera flash has also swapped the sides. The speaker is present at the top screen. This we can assume by looking at the pictures of the phone.

Specification of the Phone

Sony Company does not believe in QHD technology due to the battery life. The Sony phones are well known for a powerful battery. The latest leak includes 5.5 inch screen. The other specs reveled includes sixty four bit compatible quad core snapdragon 810, 32 GB, 4GB RAM for internal storage.

The camera of the phone is 21MP and it is being said that it has HDR. It is also capable of 30 FPS with 4K resolution and also stacked with CMOS image sensor. It will be able to capture high quality videos then the normal phones.

Overall the features are going to be good and price is accepted to be affordable. If you are looking to upgrade your mobile phones then Sony Xperia Z4 is going to be a good choice.