How ECommerce Can Benefit From Attractive Product Videos

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According to research conducted by the biggest online retailers, product videos can increase sales from 6 to 30 percent, depending on the category of product. Product videos are also enjoyed by customers, 96 percent of them say that product videos help them choose and research products. If your online store does not provide unique product videos and product testimonials, maybe it is time for a big change. Learn how to make your product videos more attractive, informative and effective.

Create a section and a Channel with your Videos

Provide your customers with more than one way of finding your product videos. Add videos to product pages, but also create a section on your website, which lists all available product videos, grouping them according to product categories and providing quick links to the videos. This way your customers can smoothly move from one video to another, compare products and learn more about your offer. To make this part of your online store fully functional, hire dedicated Magento developer. Choosing YouTube as a platform for publishing your videos has many advantages. First of all, YouTube users are part of a big community, therefore many new, future customers can learn about your products by finding your videos online. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your online store and increase your sales. YouTube allows to subscribe to channels and follow favorite users. If you publish all your videos to one channel, your customers might become your followers and watch all new films published by you, learning more about new products in your offer.

How ECommerce Can Benefit From Attractive Product Videos

Help users find your offer

Let’s say that you have created an excellent product video and posted it on your YouTube channel. You can see that customers are interested in your video and with every day you get more and more views. However, this growing popularity is not reflected in your sales and you start to wonder why? It is possible that you forgot to put a link to your online store in your video or in the description of your video. Add an overlay, which provides a link to the product page. This is not difficult to do, however, to ensure that the connection between the video and the product page works smoothly you can order Magento design services. You can also add a link to the product page in the video description.

Encourage Customers to create their own video content

Visual product testimonials created by customers are the new trend in ecommerce. The idea that customers can be making videos about your products on their own and promote your offer is simple, yet revolutionary. Product testimonials published by independent users seem much more trustworthy and objective than any material created by a manufacturer or a merchant. There are numerous ways, in which you can convince your customers to create content promoting your products. For example, you can announce a competition for a product review and award the best efforts with prizes. You can also ask a renowned blogger for cooperation and promotion of your products in exchange for money or free gifts.

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