The Truth About Buying Facebook Likes

The marketing technique of buying Facebook likes is still continuously used by small and larger businesses. Many people still believe that there is a benefit with buying Facebook likes and continue to buy them not fully understanding what is involved when purchasing likes. There are many beliefs from getting real fans to helping with search rankings. However, most businesses simply don’t understand that there is no evidence backing up these claims.

The Truth About Buying Facebook Likes

People Think They’re Buying Facebook Likes & Users

This is a common misconception among people who buy Facebook likes and one that the sellers let them continue to believe. But no matter what you have been told you just can’t buy real fans. Buying Facebook likes is a business and yours is not the only order they have. Do you really think they have a handful of people eager to check out your business on Facebook? No, the accounts are fake or at best unmonitored. You won’t get much out of your purchased Facebook likes other than a change in numbers.

It Doesn’t Help SEO

Yes social media signals can help with your search rankings. However, bought Facebook likes won’t do much because all you get from it is a number. There is no sharing among a new network so it won’t do much for you in terms of SEO.

It Gives Social Proof

A best all you will get is a social proof effect from buying Facebook likes. This means when new people come across your Facebook page they may grant you’re their like as you already have a large number of likes. It doesn’t mean you will reach a new network of people through your bought Facebook likes, as these account don’t usually have much of a profile.

The Number Will Drop

Inactive account will be closed so don’t be surprised if you notice your numbers dropping every now and then. The larger the amount of Facebook likes you buy the more your numbers with drop. So stick to just buying them in small packages at a time.

It Doesn’t Convert Into Sales

Don’t believe the hype, bought Facebook likes will not increase traffic to your website and will not increase overall sales. For this you must focus on promotion and sales. It seems like in today’s world no one will buy anything unless they think it’s on sale. We’re constantly going from one sale to the next aren’t we? To increase traffic and sales you must run real promotions.

Sometimes There Will Be Problems

Essentially someone is doing something that isn’t what Facebook allows. So don’t expect it to all be perfect as there will be hiccups with your purchased of Facebook likes. Even though it’s online and should seem like it’s an instant thing it is not. Allow for delivery time, as people have to pass the message on to others to get the accounts to like your page. It’s not an automated program that goes into some hidden settings of your Facebook and changes the number.

These are just a few facts about the business of buying Facebook likes. It may be something that will be helpful for your business or it may be not. But it’s something you should spend some time researching before you decide.