Flaunt The New Xperia M2 Aqua

Its great news as Sony is all ready with the new device that is waterproof and boosts of excellent IPS display. The brand is extending its main features or the signature features to even the mid range models as well and that will please the buyers. With the waterproof quality one can enjoy the device whether you are experiencing the Indian monsoon or the Indian summer.  Indians will be happy to use it as it is dust resistant as well.

Let’s Talk About its Features

To begin the brand says that it is compliant with IP68 and IP65 standards and that means it is a rugged device that will be loved. We already know that it is a waterproof phone so you can as well use it while you shower or in the swimming pool, the phone will never give up. The new Xperia comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with four cores and 1.2 GHz. With 1 GB RAM you will have enough in your hand. So if love bigger screen, then you will love the 4.8 inch screen and the 540 x 960 pixels resolution. The display is beautiful and you can see the extremely good craftsmanship and is bright and provides a good viewing angle with accurate colors. It’s a solid phone and when you handle it you can see that it is sturdy. Besides, the Quad core phone is able to run multiple apps at one go. The performance is never an issue that can be seen with each feature. Apart from this, the phone uses power only when needed and does not waste.

The brand boosts of an attractive look which one might think it to be expensive. Check the prices if need be with the Amazon India deals and you will be surprised at the price. If you have Snapdeal discount coupon, that too will help with the prices.

Flaunt The New Xperia M2 Aqua


The camera provided is 8 MP and features Exmore RS so you get mobile image sensor and also the HDR for videos and pictures. You get to see some of the most amazing pictures. Plenty of features will make it the most coveted phone among the Sony models. Incredible close-ups and night modes give totally excellent pictures anywhere you click them. What’s more you get to choose around 36 scene types and all this happens automatically.

Battery Life and Storage

Regarding the battery life, it has been integrated with the STAMINA mode so that the life is longer. The mobile runs for 11 hours and 23 minutes approximately, which is good as you cover the office time. Simply close down the apps that you don’t need and life of the battery will increase noticeably. Users will be interested to know that it comes with 2300 mAH Lithium-ion battery.

Currently, the price is in the mid-range, however, with SaveMyPocket you can save a little more. Sony is very careful how it prices its mobile phones as that is what every consumer loves and Sony has nailed it this time.