5 Of The Biggest Google Personalities To Follow For SEO Advice

Big Google personalities you should follow for SEO advice

While producing good quality, informative content is the best way to ensuring your website builds and maintains a high search engine ranking, it is also useful to familiarise yourself with the latest SEO and digital trends.

Some of the world’s most influential SEO writers and digital campaigners include:

Danny Sullivan

An esteemed journalist, Danny Sullivan has worked in Search Engine Optimisation for almost two decades and received widespread acclaim for his ‘Search Marketing Expo’ conference series. The conference is held in numerous cities across the globe, and will next take place in London in May 2015.

A founder of two major Search Engine Marketing Sites

Sullivan is the Founding editor of Search Engine Land, which publishes content from more than 7,000 industry writers on topics related to SEO, and often writes micro blogs on his Twitter account. He has also created the Search Engine Watch, which was sold to Mecklermedia in 1997 and is one of the leading providers of search engine marketing news. The site provides excellent content on recent trends in SEO, Google Analytics, social media, PPC, and many the relevant digital news topics.

5 Of The Biggest Google Personalities To Follow For SEO Advice

Christina Trapolino

Christina Trapolino, a start-up advisor and consultant, works at Trapolino Consulting and regularly posts informative blogs advising businesses on how to manage their social media presence and maintain good quality content. She has been supporting digital businesses for more than 10 years, helping them to develop their brands, improve their social media success and build stronger communities.

Mike Elgan

A very popular technology writer with a proud international following, Mike Elgan has been a vocal supporter of Google+, highlighting its great searchability, social networking features, versatile communication (videos, links, texts etc) and the Google Takeout download feature, which allows people to save their very own ‘real-life streams’.

Amber Mac

A best-selling Canadian author, journalist and entrepreneur, Amber Mac regularly shares her social and online marketing tips at major events such as the SES Toronto conference. She is an expert in using social media to achieve customer retention and bring communities together, and often discusses the latest marketing trends in her blog.

Unveiling the power of social media in ‘Power Friending’

Mac also runs two successful podcasts, commandN.tv. and net@night, both of which have achieved an average of 100,000 listeners and viewers every week. She was also the author of the successful book ‘Power Friending’, which helps businesses understand the real benefits of social media and how to develop mutually beneficial customer and client relations.

Matt Cutts

Responsible for Google’s complex search engine algorithms, Matt Cutts has published a wealth of information on how businesses can maximise their SEO, avoid bad SEO techniques and prevent their websites from being penalised in new Google updates. He has also praised Search Engine Watch as a ‘must read’ and is mentioned in numerous articles published on the site.

From engineer to digital guru

Cutts began working as a software engineer for Google in the year 2000 and now heads the company’s Webspam team. He also has an M.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a Ph.D in computer graphics from the same university before joining Google.

Don’t forget to keep on top of the latest SEO news

Don’t let the next Google update catch you out. Keep up-to-date with all the latest SEO news and trends to help your website achieve unparalleled digital success.

Danny Hall is Co-Director for the Essex and the South East’s leading SEO companies- FSE Online Ltd. Danny finds it useful to keep up-to-date with what all of these Google personalities are saying and advises SME’s to follow them in order to stay well-informed to benefit their business site.