Why Buying Instagram Followers Is A Bad Idea

Why Buying Instagram Followers is a Bad Idea

It’s not a secret anymore: millions of people out there buy Instagram followers to look more popular on the social media platform. While it may be tempting to cheat your numbers and look like a rock star quickly, it might be smart to thing about the consequences this may have in the future. Yes, there are many websites selling Instagram followers for cheap but please read this blog post before making a buying decision. Here are many reasons NOT to buy instagram followers online:

It’s an Old Trick that doesn’t Fool Anyone Anymore

That’s right, the medias since 2009 having been pointing out cheaters that purchase Instagram followers like celebrities, actors, singers, politicians, large companies and more. The public is aware that it is fake. So aware that even Pop music is talking about purchasing Instagram followers, as you can hear in the lyrics of this song.

Why Buying Instagram Followers Is A Bad Idea

Even Wikihow Reveals the Secret of Buying Followers on Instagram

Read this page. Every day that goes by thousands of people on google fonud out about this cheap trick. It is not a smart marketing strategy and could even attract bad comments or a bad reputation for your company if your customers see you as dishonest.

Instagram could Change its Terms and Conditions at Anytime

Buying Instagram followers in against Instagram’s terms and conditions. They have been tolerating it since 2012 but they could change their mind at any time and start deleting accounts that buy followers. You would not want a few years of photos and posts disappearing at all once would you?

The Purchased Followers could look Fake

Many of these services are cheap and if your fans actually investigate who is following you, they would find a whole bunch of followers without posts or even profile photo. This looks fake and make you looks bad.

So whether you have a business in Australia, USA, Canada, or elsewhere, think twice before purchasing followers on Instagram; it could hurt your reputation in the long run.