Role Of Black Hat SEO Forums

Black Hat SEO is the use of certain Search Engine Optimization strategies, tactics and techniques to increase the ranking of a website in search engine optimization. It is basically targeting a search engine to acquire a high rank rather than focusing on the target audience. Keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, etc are some of the examples of black hat SEO techniques. Read further to know more about tactics that you can use –

Some of the Popular Black Hat SEO Tactics 

Content automation, Doorway pages that are basically created for the sole purpose of spamdexing are some of the techniques and tactics of the Black Hat SEO. This helps you to spam the index of a search engine by simply inserting the results for certain phrases that would ultimately send the visitor to a different site. Doorway pages are also called as bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, etc.

Cloaking is another tactic where the content provided to the search engine spider is totally different from the one that would be presented to the user’s browser. This is basically accomplished by giving content that is based on the IP addresses of the user requesting for a particular page. Once a search engine spider is identified who is a user, a kind of server side script puts forth an altogether different version of the web page containing content that was never visible on the original page or the kind of content that cannot be searched but is still present. Such techniques undoubtedly will make the search engine to display that page.

Role Of Black Hat SEO Forums

Proven Black Hat SEO Techniques to Increase a Site’s Rank 

Keyword stuffing is a famous black hat SEO technique that is not utilized much now. This tactic was used to gain the top most rank on a search engine. Sneaky redirects that involve redirecting a visitor to a different URL like moving your site to a new address or incorporating several pages into one page. Many such redirects are used to cheat search engines which make them to redirect many users to their sites. Hidden text or links; reporting a competitor; content automation, etc are some of the popular black hat SEO tactics. Some of these tactics are banned now but Black Hat SEO forum and communities provide means and methodologies to overcome these drawbacks and to gain rank in search engines.

Link Manipulation that involve buying links, advertorials and link schemes; article spinning where a unique version of a relevant content are used as back links to increase the search engine ranking. Link schemes that manipulate a rank on search engines, link farms that hyperlink to almost every other site, use of Link wheels to increase the number of back links to a site, building a bunch of links by using link building, rich snippet markup spam, automated queries to Google, etc are some of the other popular Black Hat SEO techniques that one can imply on their website to get the desired results.

Black Hat SEO Forums and Community; where the Black Hat SEO Experts Meet 

A few Black hat SEO communities have a variety of resources that would aid people who widely use back hat SEO techniques. These resources can be availed by becoming a paid member of the community. Case studies, free training related to Black Hat SEO strategies, access to premium Skype group where the Black Hat SEO experts meet, premium IRC, etc are some of the resources provided once you join the community. The experts are the right people to direct you to employ the tactics and techniques to benefit in the long run rather than short term benefits.