Tee Mania – Getting Into The ‘Tee’ Zone

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Don’t we all love wearing a good T-shirt? There’s no feeling like coming back from work and getting into a casual t-shirt. It not only signifies the end of a hard long day at work, but also that now you can just be yourself. People of every age group and gender love wearing T-shirts. It is a universal commodity loved by all and something that looks good on just anybody. It’s rare to hear someone say they are not a T-shirt person. Everyone likes having a good tee on, either a collared, or a round neck, cut off or simply one with rolled sleeves. Hate it or love it the T-shirt is here to stay.

To throw some light on the history of the famed T-shirt, it was issued to the U.S Navy during a war between America and Spain in the late 19th century and was to be worn inside the uniform. It was an instant hit with the blue eyed American boy who would know attend social do’s and soirees in just this light cotton undershirt. It derived the name ‘T-shirt’ owing to its prominent T shape. The T-shirt became popular with other industries and soon spread itself over each person’s body literally owing to its light weight, durability, and inexpensive and easy to clean factors. Even the rock stars started wearing the T-shirt, thus making it an object of desire and a fashionable must have piece of garment.

Tee Mania - Getting Into The ‘Tee’ Zone

How we Tee it?

The T-shirt has evolved over the years and now comes in various shapes and sizes. This general garment has got of more personalized nature after the advent of introducing the graphics and designs on them. It is common to see t-shirt with caricatures on it or some simple designs or quotes written on them. A shirt that is designed uniquely instantly grabs attention. Hence, people prefer customizing and designing T-shirts that become an object of envy and want.

Now not only can one design their own T-shirt, but can sell the same and make money out of it. Talk about doing what you love and loving what you do! Teespring is an online portal that lets you create your own designs and sell these custom apparel online and mint easy bucks out of it. Once you design a T-shirt, the sales cover you for your designing cost and they ship the product to your buyers. They have it all figured. All you need to do is design your T-shirt and promote it with a successful Teespring expert campaign.

Let the world see your tee

Facebook is the first thing that comes to the mind when you think about online promotions in a social atmosphere. It has the right kind of target audience and tools to get people talking about you. Create a Facebook page, upload your work, put in some budgets for paid promotions and select the audience your work reaches to. Share your work and get your friends online, to share it too. Create buzz around it with the likes and shares and soon you would be having overflowing orders. It is also important to reply to any kind of comments you get on your page to create a personal relationship with your potential buyer. A successful Teespring expert campaign on Facebook will help you identify your prospects and what kind of demand is out there. The best part is one share by a friend would display among his friend list and a share further and this cycle continues. Create your page today and let the creativity begin! Have a happy Tee promotion and be creative!