10 Things You Need To Know In Your Web Design

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As a business person, you might have heard of the need to update content in your website regularly to make it more successful. While this may be true, some are left wondering if giving a website a good design can make a difference or not.

Well, according to the studies, a good web design increases traffic thus increasing business sales. You need to know that a well-designed website attracts potential customers and improves their interactions with the website. This article will talk of 10 things that you need to understand when it comes to web design:

1. Navigation

Navigation is very crucial to every website. This is because a website’s navigation can make or break it. This mostly applies to those websites with many pages because if visitors are not able to easily access the required information, they are more likely to shift to another website.

As you design your site, make sure that the user can easily comprehend the navigation and access the entire site easily. Any web design company, like www.WSIdigitalweb.co.uk, lays stress on simple and fast navigation when creating sites.

2. SEO and Reading Patterns

You need to know that majority of people prefer to read web pages as if they are reading a book, left to right and from top to bottom. You should consider putting the most important information on the upper left side of the web page. This approach helps visitors see what they are searching for effectively. This approach will help in SEO improvement thus increasing your website’s visibility.

3. Content is the King

Your website’s content does more than just conveying a brand promise. It is your first impression to your customers and so you need to give them what they are looking for. There are numerous elements that you need to put into consideration when a copywriter is writing the content and when the web designer is making the visual environment to complement the content.

The message should be short and clear. Pages on your site should not have too much writings to avoid making the pages look cluttered. In most cases, people feel bored when reading pages with too many contents.

10 Things You Need To Know In Your Web Design

4. Web Hosting

You need to ask your designer if they offer web hosting services. It can be fruitful if your web designer also offers web hosting services. You will only need to pay him additional amount for web hosting service, or simply take hosting from recommended hosting providers.

5. Design for Customers

Web design including colour schemes and graphics should be chosen using with customer’s needs in mind. The graphics should also be highly compatible with webpage theme. For this, care needs to be taken to avoid irritating design that might distract customers.

6. Know your Budget

Web design is not an easy purchase. Even if you intend to create a simple website, you need to know that you are less likely to spend less than $100. Therefore, when planning a new website, you need to take a look at what you can afford.

You may plan lower budget web design if you do not intend on earning cash from the website, but if it is a business website, you need a bigger budget to be able to plan and design exactly what you need.

7. Brand Consistency

If your business has a logo, it is good to include the logo in brand imagery, brand messaging, and logo or brand colours in your website. This will help customers find your brands easily and understand that clients may feel uncomfortable with your brand’s visual communication changes.

8. Contact Information should be Easy to Find

You wouldn’t want to lose a potential customer to a competitor simply because you made it hard for them to find you. Not all online visitors have the patience to go through every page in search of your contact information.

9. Social Media is the Key to Success

In the current technological world, social media is the X-factor of success in online world. With this in mind, you need to make sure that all social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, linked-in, or Google plus are integrated in your website to be able to reach out to many customers.

10. Testing

An outstandingly designed website needs intensive testing. However, testing a website can be challenging but you can still exhaust all the devices and pages by performing routine checks in a browser’s checklist. This way you will be able to test and make the necessary changes to make sure that the website meet’s clients need.

When it comes to web design, these are some of the things that you need to put into consideration. A proper blend of responsiveness, design, interactivity, and simplicity will definitely help your website leave a lasting impression. There are expert web designers who can successfully analyse all the pros and cons of a web design to make sure that your website rules the web world.