8 Tips To Generate Good Results With Facebook Ads

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We have our Social Media strategy well planned, we have monitored and studied our target audience, we watch our competitors, we have opened a few profiles on social sites and have a lot of powerful high-value content and ready to show our audience.

Today the public, at least here in our country, still using Facebook as the main Social Network, which is now spend more time so there is a high percentage chance that we can fish there for part of our target audience. The good thing about Facebook Ads is that we cannot just send traffic to our fans but we can also send users to a landing page outside of Facebook. Therefore, if you have a fan page (perfectly respectable) or have but just want to send to your potential audience to your own site, with Facebook advertising you can do. There are users including Social Media professionals who do not use Facebook because other platforms do well. Timing is crucial to keep a page of Fans in good condition and make it grow.

8 Tips To Generate Good Results With Facebook Ads

Returning to the main idea of ​​the post, let’s go over some tips to achieve the best results for your Facebook Ads:

1. Set your goals. After deciding if you want to increase your number of fans, capture leads in external landing page or whatever your goal, get a goal. For example: I want to get 500 fans in 15 days or capture 200 leads in 10 days.

2. In the description of your ad, use a ‘call to action’ or call to action that creates urgency type sign up now! Last places! Download your free ebook. Offers, discounts and free as imagine, work very well. Always think of high-value content for your potential audience.

3. Test multiple ads. It tests ads with two different images; the picture becomes better burger than the chicken wings in a restaurant or the smiling girl that fronted your profile. Also try different text segmentation. Analyzes data that gives Facebook until you find the best ad that converts.

4. Use a striking image. Use colors likely either alert the user (on white background) that is on Facebook or try to touch the curves of brightness and contrast to image editing programs such as Photoshop to highlight more of your advertisement photography.

5. Include red arrows can generate a higher CTR. Test the ad with and without arrows pointing to the link.

6. Use Sponsored Stories to get more fans to your page. See that your circle of friends and interact fan page is a trusted and awake interest in the potential fan.

7. Assign the ads in different campaigns when’re testing, because if the evidence in the same campaign, Facebook automatically allocate more budget to advertisements are working best.

8. Measures continuously analyzing the results of each and every ad campaign to optimize your budget and target audience focus.

As an extra tip, if you are looking to generate leads then try to make a sale, you can do A / B testing with multiple landing pages and choose what best makes.

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