Tricks, Tools and Tips For Web Designers

As a web designer you are expected to be in the know when it comes to all things web design and web development related. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to please your clients as well as ensure that while their website looks great, and also ranks well on search engines like Google. It can be tough to find balance and get things working the way that they should, but by arming yourself with a few tricks, tools and some of our tips, you can ensure that the websites you create are eye catching, functional and convenient to create.

Web Development Tool for Faster Coding

CodeKit is the perfect tool if you want to see changes in your browser without refreshing – this works across all devices and is a great web design and web development tool. It is particularly useful for Mac users. With this program you can install over 6000 components with just one click. You can compile anything from Coffee Script, Javascript and Typescript to Stylus with ease. There is no lengthy setup required. All you do is drop your project on the app and you are ready to go.
View more details and a demo on CodeKit here

Tricks, Tools and Tips For Web Designers

Web Design Coding Tip to Apply Global Changes

If you want to make changes throughout an entire page and want to save time doing so, then there is a little web design trick that you can make use of. By using the asterisk as a selector in the CSS rules, you can change details on an entire page via the code. Let’s say for example that you wish to change all the font on the page to sans-serif, simply input: *{font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}

Convenient Video Embedding Web Development Tools

FitVids is a jQuery plugin that takes care of all of your web design video embedding needs like never before. While you might be wondering why not just use HTML5 embedding, the two problems a web development company faces are: responsive resizing of videos and ensuring that resizing degrades correctly in situations where HTML5 embedding is not supported. This is a light and easy to use plugin for those who want a fluid width-changing embedding feature that is able to compete with some of the top web development tools.

Have some SEO Knowledge and Experience

A website that doesn’t rank in a search engine results is simply useless to its owner. The idea is to be easily accessible to your existing and potential client base and this is something that is incorporated into most web design services. By incorporating some SEO rules into your website design, you could present your clients with the best trick of all – the result of visibility for their website and business! As a web designer you should stay clued up on the latest rules and algorithms for search engines and ensure that the content used on your client’s site is SEO compliant.

What to expect from your chosen Web Development Company

It is best to seek out a web development company that has a broad skill-set on offer. This way you know that your website design will be handled by a team of individuals who each have their own tricks, tips and tools to bring to the table. Leading web design and web development teams offer skill sets that include professional services involving network and systems, application and data design, programming languages and tools, database platforms, internet and intranet development and design of software.