Which Is The Best Gmail or Outlook

It was an almost decade with Gmail, which have standard millions of unique visitors’ everyday worldwide. It’s keeping its place always on top. But there is another one which is competitive with Gmail? The outlook has only half of the visitors comparing with Gmail once. But the time is almost near for Outlook to get on top place soon.

So let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Gmail and Outlook.


Maybe it’s hard to take the place of Gmail, but people need the best way of reading their mail. It may be anything like PDF, DOC, XLS files and so on. People share files online these days. What if you don’t have an appropriate application to access the file in your PC or Laptop?

So Google thought about it and made a decision to view your files online, also you can edit your files online too. But it’s a bit process long to edit your files. And everything is good with it.

Also, there is another defect of Gmail, page loading problem. This has become a big issue for the people who use the 2G internet on your Smartphone Device or Computer.  We know that if our Gmail don’t have sufficient speed to load the standard page, we go for HTML page view, but you may not have all options like compared to Standard page view.

Which Is The Best Gmail or Outlook


The outlook is powered by Bing search engine and family of Microsoft. Maybe this could not attract all people in earlier days because it was a complicated account to create, common people could not understand how to operate it.

But that was earlier, Microsoft keeping the issues in mind has made many changes regularly. Now it’s completely light weight account ever. It has easy access to 2G internet, People experience all good with all Smartphone Devices, and PC.

There is no problem in viewing your files online and editing your PDF, DOC, and XLS files and so on. Just one click ahead, you can edit them in online and immediately forward them to anyone.

As said before sharing files and documents become the most essential part in your work, business, and the company so on. We you know that all Ms-office is from the Microsoft Outlook worth of it.

Recently we have a Google Play application of outlook, which is same as the desktop view, simple, light, and auto refresh of the account every second.

Note: we can’t say one of them is better, but it depends upon how it is comfort with our needs. According to me both have equal futures in it and equal issues too.  If you go deep for your needs, then maybe only one could have your exact requirement. So choose wisely.