How To Write Really Great SEO Articles For Your Website?

The number of SEO Services out there number in the hundreds but not every one of them is good. The reason being that SEO or search engine optimization is a technique and an art used by website owners and webmasters to improve search engine visibility of their site. This helps to increase traffic as the website starts to rank higher for the target niche. However, unlike in the past today your content needs to be expertly written which in turn requires thorough knowledge of the keywords that you need to target, good research skills to create quality content and excellent writing skills. Your articles need to be written not with a search engine in mind but rather a human being. That said keywords need to be placed strategically, along with hyperlinks to external sources that you’ve cited which helps to lend credibility and boost readership.

Regardless, of if you have written SEO articles for your business in the past or are new to it, the important thing to remember that old methods of keyword stuffing, and rewriting old content does not work. SEO services that still use these methods end up getting their clients’ websites banned by leading search engines. So, you’d want to spend time and put in effort to create quality content.

Outlining your Article

Every piece of content you publish on to the internet whether it may be a guest blog post, article, How-to, Wikipedia entry or your own website should be informative, well written and engaging. If you want to make sure that your article is read, appreciated, shared and commented on then make sure that it gives readers a new angle on an existing topic. Make sure to add a good hook right at the beginning which motivates people to read on.

Today, apart from being read by humans search engines have become increasingly intelligent. So, if you want to get organic search engine traffic and high rankings gear your article towards the reader. Also good content will attract link marketers (people who may link their own website to yours) which in turn increases the likely hood of higher rankings, advertising and online credibility. This technique is most commonly used by leading SEO agencies.

How To Write Really Great SEO Articles For Your Website

Have a List of all Keywords and Phrases for the Article

When writing SEO content having a list of phrases and keywords that you’re targeting makes it easier for the publisher to include all of these in the metadata portion of the page.

Keywords and phrases are a combination of words which are most likely used by people who are searching for information like the one you’re putting out. For instance, if you’re writing about shifting from one state to the other, people will use keywords like “moving state tips”, “easy way to shift”, “relocation” etc.

These keywords and phrases are often registered by search engine spiders which in reality are just scripts that a search engine like Google uses to mark and identify every page. Spiders crawl across pages and websites to analyze them for quality content. The keyword and key phrases are used by most spiders to determine the subject matter on the page. The latest updated spiders are intelligent enough to find out exactly how keywords are used or abused. It can also check to see if a page is grammatically correct and what type of inbound / outbound hyperlinks it has gotten.

Draft your Article

SEO companies advise that people make sure that you do the following when writing content:

  • All articles should be grammatically correct and have no spelling errors
  • Your article should have a short and snappy title
  • Your article should be broken up into 100-150 word paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should ideally have a sub heading
  • The most important key phrases and keywords should be used early on in the article, ideally in the first sentence or it can be anywhere in the first paragraph
  • Recommended keyword density for anything you publish to the internet is 1-2%

Your Article should have Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks to other web pages that have relevant information to your article should be added. You can simply highlight the word or a phrase and then add the URL to the page you want to link to. However, always link to websites that provide solid information about the subject.

Build a series of Links to your Article

Even if you’ve taken the time to write a great article, people should know about it. Smart SEO Pty Ltd suggests that it be shared on social networks Facebook and Twitter. Then encourage everyone to re-share it.

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Nathanael Vanderkolk runs one of the leading SEO services in Australia. He often writes his own content to promote his own service as well as provides advice to clients about writing good articles. He is the author of several SEO How-to articles often frequented by both seasoned and newbie webmasters.