What Is The Difference Between Blog and Website

This is the question eating the brains of the content writer who post their articles on blogs or website, do you know that both blog and website have their own ways of attracting visitors. But people who cannot invest money on making websites they go to blog creating on Blogger.com.  Where a website has variation in presenting good quality design on user defined style, but the thing is, now user defined functions are also available at Blogger.com too.

Know the Benefits of Blog

It is really great and almost free to create blogs and editing. You don’t need to have any specific skill to make a blog simple internet knowledge is enough to start blogging. And the thing is you will have friendly advertisers with Google Adsense   once your blog is approved.

Working with a blog is almost like you’re working with Google, you write content to earn money and Google pays you with AdSense, so how it sounds like!

Do you know that writing articles for blogs are daily reviewed by viewers, also you will have regular viewers once you attract with your content. The blog posts most likely works as news on newspaper, where your posts are news and newspaper is your blog. It has changes that your older post goes down and news post comes on top. But regular update on the old post will bring them to top, and this is how it works!

What Is The Difference Between Blog and Website

Know the Benefits of Website

When it comes to website it all about money, buying a server to is also an expensive domain as per requirements. Also website has its own style of presenting posts, there is nothing like older post and newer post they all remain same. The post comes out when people search for related keywords of your website.

There needs to have a specific skill to maintain website it is all about HTML, Java script, PHP, CSS and so on. Maybe there’s no need to be made any changes in WordPress editor unless it is in default.

The web site has its own way of getting advertisers to the website, once it has unique constant traffic. Also, he can offer other companies to advertise with him.

Common similarities of Blog and Website

There are some common similarities in blog and website, your blog or Web site will have unique and constant traffic only when you have great and posts in it. You can attract more visitors with shares and like. Changing and updating old content, you will have good and same ads in both blog and website the thing is only Content matters.