6 Factors To Measure Your Content Campaign Success

It is not easy to verify the success of content marketing. Not every company has same target for theirs campaign. In my experience, this six factors may measure your content campaign success.

1.How many Fans, Followers, and Subscribers you have?

This is the base information in content marketing’s campaign as it shows how large your website is. But keep in mind is not the amount, the more followers on behalf of the success.

2.How many different Views among the Content?

In the long run, “likes”, comments, share and retweet are the most important parts for content marketing, but you must keep your eyes on return visitors rather than new visitors because they have keen insight. Such actions would contribute to measure your influence growth.

3.How many Followers or Replier are Influential?

This may be hard to understand. Basically, the idea is how many valid followers your follower have. If they have many means they are influential and will be good for you.

6 Factors To Measure Your Content Campaign Success

4.Is there any Interaction between Website and Visitor?

Is your reader visit other post or page? Are they purchase your products? Are they comment on your post or leave a feedback? Find out and analysis these data. If your website lack of Interaction, you should think about how you can do to make your user play with you.

5.Analysis have your Content impact your Brand

Focus on how people interact with a brand except for your website. See how they demonstrate their sentiment and how many negative reviews they had made. These reviews will stimulate you renew yourself and bring you more positive review in the future.

6.How many deals have been made from your Content Marketing Campaign?

For most people, this is the most worthy part. The campervan rental company Camperman Australia have got many campervan hire sydney booking from their campaign. The main thing is that you must track the links which give you deals.

This six factors measure your content campaign success. Although these looks like a little bit hard to run, don’t give up and start small.