Facebook Blocked In Thailand

Facebook is now used so many persons for a lot of purposes. It is used to help the communicating between the lots of people around the world. With the use of the Facebook people can share information between the users throughout the world. And also lots of confidential and secret information can contribute to the all users in the Facebook.

These Facebook users are facing so many problems in the Thailand country. Thailand Facebook users are reacted with the fear of information spreading. The face book users in Thailand were faced very spreading of confidential information on Wednesday. This is happing, because completion of receiving the lots of problems from the networking sites. This was spreading over the social networking sites. But revenge is speedily refusing the distinguished block.

One of the users in the twitter tweeted that, “face book has been blocked: necessarily”. “And certainly that would be killing thing”. And also wrote, throughout the country have the objection. This statement is tweeted another person in the twitter. So many users of the social networking sites saying these kinds of words.

Just after completion of so many minutes user famed that:” Facebook is again coming back”. The military people, which catch on the date 22 of this month. And it was not pulled by the hack on the site.

Facebook Blocked In Thailand

The person, Colonel Winthai Suvaree, who is the spokesman at army, stated that” we are the not responsible to give the orders for blocking Facebook, we can’t do that, we have not receipt the order for blocking the Facebook”. And also he said that, “it is not our obligation and duty”.

The spokesman also said that, “face book is very experienced and technical site, and it has the little bit of a problem, and that has the slender technical problem. So, experts are trying to fix the face book again with the confidential information and to share the communication between the users. The experienced persons are working to fix the Facebook problems again and to solve the issues in the Facebook.

But somehow people were feeling like untrue that, think over about, it is just a rehearsal period of the possible blackout in the next. The social media network people receiving the warning message from the sites for knocking off coups. Facebook and Twitter, those are purely networking sites and those are most popular in throughout the country. Many people are using this site for many purposes.

The junta gives the warning to the people, these social networking sites would block easily and easy to recognize the information in the sites and also for fixing the problems again is difficult.