Five Ways To Effectively Market Your Website

200334039-001Once you create your company website, wouldn’t it be nice if it immediately went viral? And if people searched for your company’s title, it would be the first site to pop up on Google?

While that would be ideal, that unfortunately does not happen without a little guidance and effort in promoting your website. Bringing in diversified, quality traffic is challenging, but in order to increase your sales and customer base, it’s necessary.

Here are five ways to generate more visitors to your website:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO effectively increases your website’s visibility in a search engine’s organic results because it optimizes your website with keyword phrases people typically search for.

Popular ways to improve your organic search results are through editing existing content and increasing the number of back links or inbound links to other websites. Although SEO can be a time-consuming process, it is an important asset to gaining new traffic to your site.

2. Blogging

Offering free, original content on your site can help bring new visitors. However, if possible, write for other prominent blogs. If you include a link to your personal website in your author bio, you will sufficiently increase the traffic to your site.

3. Pay Per Click

PPC Internet advertising means you advertise your blog, website, or products on other sites; paying the site a fixed amount for each click your advertisement receives. The goal, even though you’re spending money, is to gain a return investment. Every click brings someone to your website, and hopefully they will stay long enough to make a purchase.

4. Facebook Ads

Millions of people use Facebook daily, which makes it a perfect platform to market your blog. Facebook ads can help you target demographics that would be interested in your site or product. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective way to bring in new traffic.

5. PR

Building your reputation and influence is important in bringing in consistent traffic to your website. Through public relation strategies, you can brand yourself as credible. In fact, if you can make relationships with other credible sources who are willing to vouch for your business, you can double and triple your traffic, for people are more likely to trust a brand endorsed from someone trustworthy.

Depending upon what type of PR work you’re looking for, the price can be anywhere from free to highly expensive. However, as the old adage goes, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Spending the money to promote yourself through an expensive advertising agency, through a launch party, or through a press release can be worth the initial expensive cost, for that type of exposure can skyrocket traffic and sales. Look into companies like TitleBucks to take out a quick loan to fund the project, for chances are you will be able to pay it back quickly from the attention your PR gave you.

Taking the time to market your site will be well worth the time and effort, for these options have proven effective time and again.


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