Common Consumer Complaints About Internet Service Providers

The Internet may have once been considered a luxury, but there is no denying how necessary it is now for most households and businesses to function. So just as you would from any other utility supplier, consumers should be able to expect adequate service from their internet providers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always turn out to be the case. There are a number of complaints that people commonly have regarding their internet service providers. This can most often be avoided if home and business owners do their research and carefully consider their options before deciding on a provider to sign up with. Plenty of companies provide exceptional service, so if you do find yourself dealing with one of the following situations, don’t hesitate to switch to an internet service provider that is a better fit for your needs.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

It’s only natural that when you pay a company for their services, you expect to be treated with respect by that organization, yet unsatisfactory customer service is generally at the very top of consumer complaints about internet service providers. It’s already very frustrating when you experience problems and internet downtime, which is frequently made worse by an unhelpful or unknowledgable technical support team, long wait times on the phone, neglect in returning calls, rudeness, etc.

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Poor Connection/Slow Speed

A lot of consumers find a way to work it into their budgets to pay a little more for faster broadband speeds, so when it seems like a connection is slower than it should be or it frequently goes in and out, that’s cause for discontent. Depending on the area where you live or operate a business, a weak broadband signal may just be all that you have to work with, but if this isn’t the case your internet service provider should do everything they can to find a solution for your poor connection and slow speed.

Cost/Hidden Fees

Another gripe that consumers often have is with their bill and the cancellation policy of their provider. Because internet service providers are all competing with one another, they usually find ways to entice customers by promising the lowest cost. However, consumers may not realize that these incentives only last for a short while, that the advertised price they’re seeing doesn’t include other hidden costs or they are simply quoted one price and charged another. Before they know it, their bill has skyrocketed and they’re stuck in a contract with no way out unless they agree to pay out more money in cancellation fees.

Faulty Equipment

Many consumers opt to utilize the equipment that their internet service provider supplies instead of purchasing their own. This can sometimes lead to a problem with faulty equipment, such as defective modems or inadequate wiring. It can also be a major grievance when customers have bundled services from the same company and one equipment failure affects everything else as well.

It’s important to find the internet service provider that is going to be the most suitable for your home or business, and if you find yourself having any of the above complaints, there’s a good chance it’s time to start looking for a new company.

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