Six Businesses You Can Start From Your Smartphone

Six Businesses You Can Start From Your SmartphoneIn this technological day and age, there are far more resources for entreprenuers to start their own businesses. As the smartphone industry continues to prosper by turning cell phones into small, mini computers, entreprenuers can begin building a successful business over the capabilities of their phone, starting with these six ideas:

1. Caterer

Provided you have access to a commercial kitchen or can work out of your personal kitchen under a Cottage Food Law, starting a catering business requires little outside help. With cheap host websites like GoDaddy or free options like Google blogger or WordPress, you can create your website over your smartphone. Without moving to a different location, you can begin marketing your name and menu over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, upload pictures from your phone, and set up a business email.

2. Car Service

If you have a car with a spacious back seat, you can start a car service without much effort, especially if you live in a smaller town without taxi regulations. Once you get the proper license for your city and state, you can put together a website and offer a phone number for customers to schedule pickups. Your phone can double as a calendar and address to book in order to keep up with appointments, as well as working as a GPS.

3. Travel/Tour Guide

Get the word out about yourself by building a website and starting a Yelp page to promote yourself as a local expert. There are various apps that can help you maintain appointments and scheduling. Plus, when you are not giving a tour about the local history, put together a tour guidebook that can be downloaded as an e-book over an app.

4. Mystery Shopper

While there are mystery shopper scams, this can be a legitimate business as well as a lucritive one. Over the Internet of your phone, do research on legit mystery shopping clearing houses like Corporate Research International, which handles clients from chain restaraunts to department stores.

5. Etsy Store

For the crafty entrepreneurs, open an Etsy account and sell jewelry, pillows, aprons, clothes, etc. You can easily build a profile through your phone, set up a Paypal account, and get to crafting.

6. Life Coach

To be a life coach, you do not actually need credentials or a degree to give a person an opinion on what they should do. Throw together a website, talk about your passion and experience, and offer a few sessions for free as long as the clients review your expertise. While you can meet these people in person, you can also speak with clients over the phone. For those looking for anonymity, this is a great selling point.

Beginning a business over your phone is an inexpensive and a great way to build up clients and contacts while you get your feet wet in the business industry. As your business grows, look into a small business license and getting a small business loan or TitleMax loan inor to expand your markets for greater business success.


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