Push And Pull Strategies In Online Marketing

It is necessary to know the nature of the product or service to determine which strategy will work best, although it is best to combine the two.  Their sales strategies can be optimized if it recognizes what type of marketing is doing: push or pull. Market trends could be favoring one of the two tactics; discover what is ahead and start practicing on your business. The way in which you promote their products, interact with consumers and reaches the end of the sale is part of a marketing strategy, which can be classified as push or pull, as applicable.

Most of the actions we take in marketing are oriented in two directions: firstly present our products / services for users to find us when they make a spontaneous or search when they have a need, what we know as Pull strategies; and on the other hand, cause users to perform an action that had not been raised in advance, the Push strategies.

Push And Pull Strategies In Online Marketing

The Push strategies are carried out to provide the products / services to our potential customers. So far, e- mail marketing was the technique used, but gradually promotions and discounts tweets or Facebook posts are displacing traditional e- mails. Whatever the technique, the Push Marketing is boosting buying action through promotions and discounts, and with the consent of the prospective buyer, as it has given prior permission for the company to send advertising, typically through mailing lists or newsletters.

The Pull strategies are those in which the user decides to contact the company for more information after an advertising impact. The best known examples are the banners or pop -up that open when you visit a web site and which give us the option to close or go see the advertiser. Other techniques such as campaigns or search engine optimization advertising on Google Adwords, a user can find us first when looking for your product or service.

The Pull tactics offer a higher probability of conversion, as it is the customer who comes to the job when you need and looking for. But this does not mean that one is better than the other, but you have to combine them. Must be present on the Internet, blogs and social networks (push marketing ) and search engine (pull marketing). In marketing actions to be done both ways, as you can get great results.