Facebook: A Cost Effective Form Of Advertising

Today, social networks are used by everyone from teenagers to grandparents. The reason behind the success of social networks is their popularity and convenience, especially Facebook. About 100 million people in the United States are part of Facebook. And if Facebook can connect to thousands of people around the world to socialize, why do not you benefit by using it to advertise your product or service? Imagine how your ad will reach when you post on Facebook. Naturally, it is more advantageous and economical than the expensive pay per click ads that appear elsewhere on the Internet.

A simple rule about the mentality of Facebook is that users do not want to leave the page you are on and go to another less interesting page. Just place ads which will take them directly to the Web site owner is not a good idea. Instead, concentrate on creating a Facebook page for your product / service so that the user does not feel it is being removed from Facebook for something of interest to him.

When do advertising on Facebook , make sure that user needs have been taken into account. Use images that can attract people to read or learn more about that particular product. Any ad that has more text than images usually does not attract people. Humans tend to check images instead of text reading.

For this reason, Facebook ads must have a catchy slogan, but short and connected to an image. In addition, it is necessary for the ad to be updated regularly.

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Here are some points on how Facebook advertising works:

1. Choosing a Target – Facebook users provide detailed information about themselves, their likes, hobbies, education, etc. . . . When you advertise on Facebook , companies can make use of this information and target groups are more likely to be interested in your particular product / service.

2. Tracking users – Facebook maintains a record of how many times users has clicked on a particular advertisement, but not control what happens after the click. It is the responsibility of the company to know if a user clicks and buys something or just looking and move on.

3. Pop ups are ads that offer around 135 characters and an attractive image. Usually 3 to 4 ads run at a time in the vertical column on the side of a Facebook page.

4. Note that Facebook rejects any dangerous or vulgar ad that does not conform to certain age groups. It is a part of their advertising policy.

In conclusion, advertising on Facebook is different from advertising on Google. People use Google to search for information, do not look at advertising. Therefore, ads are best placed on Facebook, where users do not mind spending a minute or two reading your ad.