How To Use Twitter To Take Customer Service To Entirely Different Level!

Twitter is trending in the social media world and it goes without saying that no matter what you are selling, a good customer service is always important for running any successful business. There have been examples of excellent customer services in the past. However, it is fair enough to say that a lot of customers don’t get the kind of assistance they always want or they feel that they deserve. A lot of them do complain that it is either too long or tends to be too impersonal hence in plenty of cases, customers are switching over to the online portals to get the answers for their queries in no time and without any fuss.

Plenty of the customers go to the social media profiles of the businesses, brands or services to fetch solutions on their concerns – major or minor, at the earliest. It should be added that more and more are increasingly getting inclined to this mode of communication simply because they have started trusting the authenticity of these platforms. They do get immediate responses there and sometimes they also ask the other members to fetch them information on their queries and to their expectations, it happens.

How To Use Twitter To Take Customer Service To Entirely Different Level!

So what are the big and the most promising customer service tweets levitating in the social media like twitter that thrives on the magic of 140 words? Here is what our analysis on the same suggests:

‘We are really sorry’

There is nothing wrong in admitting your mistakes because you know that stuffs happen and things do go wrong. Customers are often made to let down but there are still different ways of reviving things. They do have the power to make or mar the image of the brand on twitter and once they have spread the word, you can’t ask for more to go wrong! Companies do witness bringing sales low on twitter and naturally all of this would affect their operations and the overall brand image in the long run. Always remember that the ones who are successful are always quick on saying sorry. This way it can be ensured that the small mistakes don’t turn into major crises.

‘Unexpected things happening and we apologise’

Customers often complain on not being informed when all the wrong things are happening. If they can be kept informed about some problem, it is always better. Make sure that you let them know what exactly the problem is like and that you are working on it rather than waiting for things to settle down on their own. It will surely affect the kind of response you receive. Customers should be prepared for any kind of downtime.

‘You need to go there’

Customers hate it when they don’t know how they can expect to be attended. All that they know is that there is a problem and that they want it to get fixed as soon as possible. Make sure that your tweet addresses the people who are available to fix such issues. Keep the customers informed on how and where they are supposed to approach when they are looking for any help. Whenever we have an issue like this at, our customer service team always maintain follow-up with the customer until the problem is resolved.

‘Here is what you can do with the product’

Make use of the platform called twitter to help people look into the various aspects of your products and services. Let them know how they can get more out of your product. You can include ‘did you know’ kind of tweets and arouse curiosity. You can choose to offer them some of the exclusive and valuable tips and techniques from time to time.

‘Thanks, you are really kind tweet’

This is immensely impactful and helps in attracting enough attention from customers. There is nothing wrong in saying ‘well done’ from time to time. Pat on the back of your customers and they are only going to feel good about it. Be thankful for the fact that they choose to spend their precious time on you and not on your competitors.  In reality, it is all that matters in the beginning so just go ahead and tell them.

Offering them a quick fix from time to time is important and particularly when you know that your customers are going to look up to you in case of any trouble. Ask them for feedback and find out how they can help you get better. When they tell you the drawbacks and the expectations on which you missed out, you realise where actually the dent is and what you need to do in order to repair and help make things work out.

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