4 Deadly Sins Not To Commit On Social Media

The deadly sins on the social media evolve from time to time and keep altering with the changing trends. It can’t be denied that the previous ones continue to hold a decent importance; it can’t be denied that much has changed due to the change in landscape which has witnessed revamp considerably. With this, our general awareness and knowledge regarding the social media has also changed. It should be added that each of the good social media strategies do evolve with the brand as well as the audience.

Here are the brand new 4 deadly sins on the social media that the businesses and particularly, the new entrepreneurs must avoid in the first place. Few mistakes on the social media channels and you never know – you might not be able to make a comeback. Make sure that you reset your course accordingly. Read on and know them.

4 Deadly Sins Not To Commit On Social Media


Now just because some buzz has been created in the market and something really noticeable is happening does not really mean that you get the liberty to take its advantage for boosting the visibility and popularity of your brand.

There is really some good deal of difference between being really clever and really annoying. If you are a brand that sells hot dogs and you have jumped in a buzz related to it, then it works for you – good enough. If you are selling outdoor gear then jumping into the scenario might not always be a good idea.

When you have less clear connection, you may look desperate for getting engaged in the scenario that will not draw you any kind of benefits. Now if you say that just any content on your website is good content then you are still relying on the older trends. Make sure that the substance of your content has been kept grounded in the footprint of your brand.


“Hit and run” is probably the worst scenario taking place in the social media channels or platforms. Abandonment on social media platforms take place when some post has been made and the brand pulls back and refrains from making any kind of re-engagement in the scene. You must be involved wherever you intend to and feel that it’s justified to do so!

Social media is a vehicle for all sorts of conversations and communication that takes place between the brands and their prospects. When you fail to keep the communication going, you know you are not there on the minds of your customers when they go offline. The idea is to create positive feelings that can go on to making reference points for your brand or service, particularly in a time when people reach across some platform where they have a choice of preferring your brand over your competitors.


Manipulation – this is one thing that people catch easily and will thrash you back really bad if you get on their nerves! It’s time to stop being manipulative on social media and start posting things that would rather inspire people or draw them to you. On the other hand, you should not ask people to post their opinions when you know you are not going to do something good out of them. Don’t focus on manipulation but on deepening customer relations.


If you can identify the passion of your audience and what they like being into, you know you have broken the walls of monotony right away. Make sure that you offer them with the kind of content that validates their passion. Get creative with the kinds of content you intend to post. Internet is a great resource and you will only have to know how you are going to use it creatively in order to influence and inspire. May be it is time to research lot more on what your fans can better connect to. Make sure that you keep things close to your brand rather than posting on random ideas. When your ideas succeed in connecting with your brand, your customers too, connect with your business!

Lastly, keep things uniform and in a way that would help your brand be projected as a strong one in the industry. Make sure that you create harmony in all your social strategies so that your audience is not bored and not forced to develop their loyalties elsewhere. Also, it is important to stay within your limits and for that you will require to know what they are. Run competitive audits and you are almost there with a bang!

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