4 Ways To Improve Your Website For More Conversions

What does a conversion look like for your business? Maybe you run an ecommerce site that sells a variety of products. Or perhaps you need your website to bring in leads and email addresses. Whatever a conversion looks like for your business, your website is the best way to bring in more. If your current website isn’t pulling as many conversions as you need, it’s time to rethink the way your site functions. The way your website and ecommerce site are structured is incredibly important for driving conversions.

4 Ways To Improve Your Website For More Conversions

Not sure how you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your site? These 4 tips can help.

Register your Domain

To be taken seriously online, buy and register your domain. An official domain registration will make your website more polished and professional. Your registered domain will tell customers who you are, what your business does and why you can help. Some companies even offer a domain registration package that can include web design, mobile site design, copywriting and more. And, when you register your domain through a professional company, you also can be sure that you have an SSL certificate, which lets customers know that your ecommerce site is officially registered as a safe and secure place to make transactions on the web. Registering your domain will make customers feel more comfortable buying goods or services from your site. Also, if your site appears more professional and authoritative, potential clients will likely stick around longer. And, of course, the longer visitors are on your site, the more likely they will take a converting action.

Reconsider user Experience

User experience measures how easy your site is for visitors to use and navigate. A good user experience means that customers can easily find the information or products they’re looking for, without too many extra clicks and navigational guesses. A poor user experience translates into visitors not being able to find what they need, getting frustrated with your website and consequently leaving your site to try another site. Creating a good user experience is all about simple and intuitive navigation, responsive page elements, and consistent theme and branding across the whole website. Group similar pages together and put the most important page links in your top navigation bar. Responsive page elements like hovering features that expand or brighten information can help lead customers around your site. Consistent theme and branding will lend to a professional design that makes users trust your business and your website.

Create Content that Supports Conversion

If your business relies on leads and email addresses for conversions, create content that will inspire customers to share their information. It also is critical to develop content that answers frequently asked questions, helps solve a problem, addresses a customer’s pain points or tackles an important issue. If certain questions require an extensive explanation, consider publishing a white paper or eBook that requires users to leave their contact information to download. Each piece of content on your website should also have a call to action at the conclusion, or a sentence or phrase that tells customers what to do next. It could be a link that says, “Click here to learn more” or “Schedule your free consultation now.”

Decrease your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

If you run an ecommerce site, shopping cart abandonment is probably a huge reason why you’re not getting the conversions you need. Shopping cart abandonment is when a customer puts items into the shopping cart, but then leaves before completing the transaction. You can work to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate by offering free shipping, promoting a hassle-free and effective return policy or capturing an email address early in the checkout process, then following up with an email if a user abandons the cart.

Your website is your most important tool for driving conversions.Invest the time, effort and money into revamping your website to facilitate more conversions. These 4 tips can help you improve your site to increase the number of visitors who take a converting action.

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