Tumblr For Successful Content Marketing


What is Tumblr?

Not that this is new to the readers. But defining it again may reveal a few important words that probably went unnoticed the first time. Tumblr is a blogging platform that can allow one to blog, customize or follow what they love, anywhere, anytime…

With this, Tumblr gets on to provide a common platform that is abundant with content, graphics, images, posts, and a large number of followers understanding the significance of what they find on Tumblr. With the recent acquisition from Yahoo, Tumblr becomes a social media tool to a wider audience who login every time with an expectation of finding something reliable and fast. And thus, there opens a path for the content marketers to use this platform as an opportunity to publicise their work where the audience is endless. However, there are a few things that can decide upon a content being preferred or ignored, based on the design on which Tumblr works:


The Right Content:

Unlike the other blogging platforms, Tumblr is widely known to all for the pictures more than anything else. The animated graphic images, the blog posts and the videos come next. Anyone promoting their brand on Tumblr must keep this structure in mind, and use the pictures and images more often than the words. This increases their chances of success as the probability of having picture fans is much over the other structural ingredients of a brand product. The same content in different formats may be well suited to the different blogging platforms, than posting the same content format everywhere.

Promoting The Followers’ Contents:

Following a follower can be an immediate hit in retaining the follower for a long time. This is the way to confide in what they have to say, and your brand in turn is appreciated in being a brand that listens to its consumers. This give and take policy works very well when the audience is not suspicious of this to be another marketing way. It may raise concerns on another platform, but the Tumblr’s privacy policy keeps this count unrevealed so it is a matter of courtesy following those who follow you. One step ahead can lead these followers to the various contests that can help promote your brand and its success by redefining or recreating it with the followers’ ideas.  It may be an aspect of the business using social media fan expertise.

An Emotionally Stirring Content:

Any content, if it can relate to its readers, can be sure of its success. The photos, the graphics and the texts posted on Tumblr can be very vital if they have this emotional trait exposed. Any such content is more likely to get shared than the straight factual one. There is no limit to the human emotions, and thus no limit to the content that can associate with such emotions in the form of posts. Any new post on Tumblr thus can get viral if it is capable of stirring that particular chord of relativity in its followers.

Using Tumblr for content marketing is no big deal, but using it the right way is.

This article is contributed by Michael Evan who writes for Transpose, a website translation company.

Researcher and Content Writer at e-Syndicate Network. A constant learner. Learning and growing every day. Salman has over 5 years of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Brand and Business Development.