Top apps for football fanatics

The beautiful game is drawing to a close for another season at domestic level in the UK but that’s not to say that football related news is likely to stop at any point over the summer.

Indeed, if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms between now and August then selecting one of the numerous iPhone 5 deals on offer could help you to pull through. Here are some apps that might help:


101 Great Goals


This app provides a whole lot more than its name suggests, as rather than just 101 goals it offers a close to comprehensive selection of videos from games taking place across the globe. So whether you want to catch the goals from the last games of the English season, or see some of the action from a far flung country, you’ll most likely find it here. It’s updated regularly too, so if you happen to be out and about while the back of the net bulges then you shouldn’t have too long to wait before a video link is uploaded.


BBC Sport


The dedicated BBC Sport app could prove to be the ideal way to keep up with all the transfer gossip and news over the summer. Users will find it provides the same content as the broadcaster’s main website but will likely find its layout to be more user friendly in this form when viewing on 4G phones.




When it comes to free football games available in the App Store this is arguably the pick of the bunch. Players can recreate classic goals from throughout the history of the game – including those from the World Cup, European Championship and Premier League – using just a few swipes of their finger across the touchscreen. Users are rated for the accuracy of their efforts, so in order to progress you’ll need to make sure you get it as close to the original as possible.


Sky Sports Football Score Centre


Most football fans will at some point have found themselves watching Jeff Stelling and the gang covering the action taking place across the UK on a Saturday afternoon. While this app lacks the banter seen between those onscreen it does an equally effective job of keeping you right up to speed with all the latest scores and scorers. So whether you’re at a ground and wanting to find out how your rivals are getting on, or being dragged around the shops, this is a must-have.

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