Weirdest Products as Seen on TV


The presence of “As Seen on TV” products on American television screens has been a subject of ridicule for a long time. The pervasive nature of the cheaply produced informercials featuring these products has gained notoriety. At the same time, the products and services under the umbrella have also gained success to some extent due to the engaging quality of the direct-to-customer TV spots they’re featured in; a lot of businesses have even considered the as-seen-on-TV tag as a lucrative formula for brand recognition.


Take a look at these weird products we’ve seen on TV.

Pajama Jeans

The Pajama Jeans allows you to get the best of both worlds by giving you the casual look of denim and the comfy feel of pajamas. Each product is made using the Dormisoft fabric, a cotton/spandex denim blend that is stretchy and soft, allowing the wearer to have a comfortable pair in and out of bed. You can wear it to sleep or were it while on a cross-country road trip. Overall, they look like real jeans but they’re more comfortable to wear on a regular basis.

Internet Password Minder

This so-called computer security product is actually a notebook filled with blanks that you can fill in with names of websites, your usernames, and passwords alphabetically. It recently gained notoriety after being featured in a segment of The Ellen Degeneres Show (it was actually the inspiration for this article). Additionally, the Password Minder is bound in discreet leatherette and can be placed in a drawer that can be shut closed. Like WHOA! One customer even said, “I don’t have to worry anymore about security or identity theft. I now have all my passwords in one place. It’s great!” So let’s just stop and try to pretend that it works.

Slap Chop

The Slap Chop is a handheld chopping device that features internal blades. To operate it, a user must place the bladed utensil over a food item and slap down the button on top. A purchase of the unit comes with a free grater called Graty, which is operated by placing the cheese in a cylindrical mechanism that goes inside the product’s housing. You see, the item doesn’t do anything special and a lot of others have come before it. What makes it stand out on TV is the manner that Vince Offer, the product’s informercial pitchman, presents it. Offer’s aggressiveness and use of double entendres are quite engaging that you’d immediately want a Slap Chop of your own.

Forever Lazy

“When it’s chilly, turning up the heat costs money; while wrestling with blankets is silly,” says the Forever Lazy informercial introduction. The Forever Lazy is a suit that keeps you warm – a one piece lie-around, lounge-around that covers you from head to toe in warm, soft fleece. Slip it in, zip it, and get lazy. Or so it says. The clothing piece is ultra-soft, breathable, and oversized for that baggy and comfortable lazy-day perfect pajama feeling you love to have every waking day.

Want to have one of these As-Seen-on-TV products? Go ahead and call the toll free number indicated on your screen while watching the specific informercial for your preferred product.

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