Introducing Genieo Startpage Software

The introduction of startpage has been called by some as the dawning of a new era in the way that we browse the web. Indeed this view appears to be shared by a growing contingent of tech-savvy browsers – both personal and business users alike. The brains trust behind this groundbreaking software is none other than Genieo.  This particular software – startpage – is quick & easy to download and install. There is no need for the user to customize the software in any way as it automatically tailors to user preferences.

Introducing Genieo Startpage Software

The manner in which the software works is highly effective, owing to the fact that users are not required to manually adjusting startpage.  The range of personalized ‘newspaper-style’ updates with this software is varied. These include all manner of web content such as social media updates, financial information, news headlines and sports. Further, it’s entirely possible to enjoy social media feeds – Facebook, G+, Twitter and the like. With startpage, tailored content is featured instantly.

The benefits of this software are varied. They include being able to earn revenues by way of increased stickiness of web results for advertisers and publishers. And on a more personal level, Genieo ranks very highly. Users regularly tout the software as a time-saving, efficient way to browse the web. It is compatible across multiple platforms with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. All the while it guarantees user privacy and the integrity of personal information.

If your lifestyle requires you to be updated with the latest information, or you simply enjoy browsing the internet, the Genieo startpage is really suitable for you. Sometimes, having to browse the internet for a particular interest is really disturbing. Your time is very much consumed and the result is not always effective. Instead of wasting your time on endless internet browsing, this software is able to get you right to the point. This startpage is very amazing in providing you all of your favorite websites, including social networking sites, without having you to manually browse for it. You can see all of your favorite contents instantly once you open the startpage.

This smart software keeps tabs on your daily browsing habits, so it can comprehend which websites are your interests and which are not. However, your privacy is fully secure. Even though this software learns about your private information, you can trust this for being 100% safe. The best thing of all, it’s free. Simply download and run the software for more attractive browsing experience.

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