Where Do I Get Free Logo Design For My Business Cards?

When starting out in business, it is very important to brand your company well. A strong brand is invaluable to any business and you want it to be easily recognisable in a flooded market and the best way to do this is by producing a logo. A logo must be memorable and iconic for all of the right reasons, so do your research and don’t rush the design. You and your business will have to live with this logo for a very long time.

If you can’t afford to employ a design studio to create your logo and creativity is not your thing, you can use some alternative methods of getting a free logo for your business card designs. All it takes is a little amount of research.


Claiming to be the world’s best free logo design tool, you can have the logo you have been hoping for in just 10 minutes. Start by choosing your favourite icon, colours and font. There are literally thousands of artworks to choose from with new designs being uploaded daily. Follow the step-by-step guide until you are happy with your design and before you know it, you have created your free logo. Logomaker have more than 200,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs who are satisfied with their service and the customer reviews can be seen on their website. The logo is described as being web ready, so for something a little larger you will have to pay for it…there is always a catch!


Vistaprint has become a household name and are well known for their great quality and free products. Use Vistaprints easy-to-use logo tool and in just a few short minutes you will have a logo design that suits you and your business’ needs. There are hundreds of logos to choose from and fonts and colours can be easily customised to accommodate your existing identity. Once your logo is complete you can use your new logo on a variety of Vistaprint products to start marketing your business. If you prefer, you can order a Downloadable Package and have your logo on hand for press releases, slide shows, signage and more.

Using a free logo service is great when you are starting out and don’t have the money to get one professionally designed. Just remember that you may not find exactly what you are looking for amongst all of these templates and you will probably be stung with a small charge to be able to use it in other places other than the world wide web. Another factor to think about when using these free services is that you will not be able to register or trademark these logos as they are not owned by you, they are owned by the websites you made them on.

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