Deciding on the Greatest DVD Media Servers

Escient Fireball, Axonix Media Max, Imerge, AMX Max & Kaleidescape to name the major players but only one stands out from the crowd. Almost all DVD servers or Digital media servers have an operating system because essentially they are a computer with a large amount of storage space. The majority of manufacturers resort to using Microsoft or Linux as an OS. The Kaleidescape is one of the only manufacturers who have its own operating system called KEAOS which stands for ‘Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System’. We can talk about all the Digital Media Servers, DVD Media Servers or Jukebox players and the different manufacturers like Escient, Axonix, Imerge & AMX but it would be no different to talking about backyard cricket versus the Ashes.
Now with the release of the mini system we can deliver systems for less than $ 15,000, considerably less than the $ 30,000 entry level price tag we once faced. It is the ‘Kaleidescape experience’ that provides management & storage of over 1800 DVD’s and 19,800 CD’s on a single server. It has the ability to cascade servers in minutes creating a virtually infinite collection (Not quite possible because Kaleidescape won’t let you import the same disc twice.) And simultaneous content streaming to 45 players from the same server.

If there is any negative side to Kaleidescape it would only be that it does not support the ability to copy photos to the server for slide shows or let you dump your dodgy MP3 music collection to it. But Kaleidescape is not really a digital media server, it’s an ‘Entertainment System’ used for watching your purchased DVD’s or listening to your vast CD collection in its original & intended format.

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