Struggling To Increase Sales of Your Products Or Service, Here Is How To Do It

Increasing the number of sales being made from your website is an uphill task for anyone because the competition is stiffening and everyone around is trying the same. So, acquiring a new customer is easier said than done.  You have to devise a marketing plan in advance and then implement that meticulously to be able to drive some targeted visitors to your website. You can do things like harnessing the power of referral programs, fine-tuning conversions, focusing more on targeted traffic and by becoming awesome.

But the thing is, all the aforementioned processes are time consuming. So, if you are looking some kind of fast turnaround, you need something more drastic and direct and this is exactly what we are going to share here:


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Go for bigger Order Size: Once a customer is ready to buy your product or service, you can be sure of one thing that the person has put his faith on your company. So, there is very little friction exist and therefore, we can safely assume that it is the perfect time to ask them to go for bigger order size, as this would add more value. Just make it a point that you are not too pushy while you are approaching a customer who has already got converted.

Know what and when to Upsell: It is a common business practice to persuade customer to buy more than what he might have originally planned.  Now, the million-dollar question is how you are supposed to do this. Does this make sense to ask a customer to buy a branded formal shirt when he has purchased a pair of shoes? Nope, formal shirt and shoes are completely different things. You should rather try to sell something small and inexpensive like – a nice tie. So, the rule of thumb is, you need to upsell products only if it corresponds with the original purchase.

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Discount: Offering lip-smacking discount is another way to make people buy more products from your website. Make sure that the discount is good enough to seize the attention of the most casual and nonchalant visitor. For say, if you are a domain name registration service provider, you can offer 50% discount on pricing on purchase of 10+ domains at a time. This will inspire people to go for the bigger amount.

Shell out an Upgrade Offer: You can always pinch people that by paying a little bit extra for say $10, they will have more value for the purchase. For say, it is highly unlikely that you will ever need more than a massive 16 GB space in your iPad but there is no harm in telling people that they can enjoy another 10 GB or 15 GB extra by shelling out just another $100.

Offer Something in Bundle: This is a common tactic employed by majority of online shopping cart websites. You will always have the alert that if you buy another music CD or something of that kind, you will get 15% discount. This is a great way to give a push to sales volume.

Make them Long Time Customers: If you are used to charge your customers’ monthly basis, you need to give them some kind of lucrative offer if they subscribe for one year or so that they simply cannot put down. This will help you meet twin objectives – first you will have steady flow of money and second – you now have a regular customer.

Extended warranty: Products that come with guarantee, you can attract the attention of people to your product by offering extended warranty period. It gives the buyers peace of mind, which is certainly one of the prime motives behind choosing your product.

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